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[HoC] Hastyle1 2012年9月5日 13時03分
Multi screen issue with game
I have a 3 monitor gaming setup (not Eyefinity, just 3 monitors). The problem is that when I play the game which is on the middle screen, the mouse moves OFF the gaming screen when I play and minimizes the game in mid play A LOT. Does anyone have this same issue or know of a remedy? It only happens with this game.
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rdavis8864 2月17日 19時15分 
I have a dual screen display, and bothe Necrovision games do the exact same thing to me. I tried searching for an answer both here and other places online, but to no luck. I'll continue to look, and check here for any updates too.
[HoC] Hastyle1 2月17日 20時38分 
I hear if you set it to 'Windowed' mode then it resolves the issue. There are also some 3rd party software which will keep the mouse on 1 screen.
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