Mikko Feb 24 @ 8:29am
Script error chapter 6!
Every time I try to play chapter six my computer will crash. "Script error" nothing else and I have to restart my computer to get it work.
I could restart this mission or load last save, but for some reason latest save or auto save is chapter 3! Come on! I have played to chapter 6 and saved the game many times and autosaves too. And coz of the crash, I never get the message when game ask if I want to restart level.
How can I restart or skip chapter 6 coz it doesnt seems to work??
And I dont want to replay from chapter 3 AGAIN!
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Pooh Pooh Tales Mar 23 @ 8:58am 
there is an 1.1 patch for it but i don't think they have it,i looks the same problem , can't even play without the software rendering image here, it's all pixelated.
wolfvision3 Apr 16 @ 7:17pm 
1C in Russia owns the game, steam support sends you to Aspyr thru their help pages, than Aspyr says not their game it's 1C, I have tried to explain to Steam Support, lost cause. I have the same issue you described. no one cares at steam, contact valve who owns steam. I am.
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