Vargas78 2012 11 月 26 @ 10:11下午
Best control pad?
I would usually get this kind of game on my 360 but on the current promotion i'm thinking of getting it on the PC.

What pad would you recommend for playing this on the PC. Would you say the xbox360 wired controller is the best? As i find the 360 pad while very good overall has a not so good D-Pad, which isn't what you want for a beat'em up.
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Willy D 2012 11 月 26 @ 11:16下午 
Xbox 360 Tournament Edition Fightstick
Made 2012 11 月 26 @ 11:33下午 
Yea defiantly agree with @willy
Risen 2012 11 月 26 @ 11:42下午 
I use a 360 wired pad.. got it configurd nicely took me a while to set it up right. You don't really use the Dpad... works quite nicely. Unfortuantely you can kind of tell when your up against people using actual joy sticks.. they are mostly the highest grade players. All in all the way I set up my 360 pad works quite nicely and/comfortably granted I think if you want to compete at the highest levels you need a joy stick.. you can see the crap /cheap **** they are able to pull off with one =)
Vargas78 2012 11 月 27 @ 12:08上午 
Thanks for the info's chaps!
AwesomeChad 2012 11 月 27 @ 12:33上午 
this is a good deal. i'd get this game if it weren't for the fact that i don't have a joystick pad nor do i want to purchase one.
Neallord 2012 12 月 1 @ 12:49下午 
You can always also get a madcatz fightpad. Very good pad.
KrixxerZ 2012 12 月 1 @ 3:17下午 
Willy D 發表:
Xbox 360 Tournament Edition Fightstick
big fat /sign :D
MDZ jimmY 2012 12 月 3 @ 12:55上午 
dont agree with willy. PS3 Tournament Edition Fightstick is WAY better ;D but seriously dude, you don't actually have to buy a fightstick to play SFIV. it's good to learn the game with a fightstick from the start, but it's only worth the investment if you're going to play ALOT. I just recently bought a fightstick and I used to play pretty good with a PS3 pad.
abatage 2012 12 月 3 @ 6:20上午 
fightstick is probably the best... but I use a Razer Onza, which works well :)
Cobra Trooper 2012 12 月 5 @ 11:47上午 
So I'm not going to do good with a cheap ♥♥♥ logitech pad?
Dcade 2012 12 月 6 @ 8:36上午 
Go for keyboard. I know it sounds ridiculous, but trust me it's worth it. It's an optional prerequisite for the Hitbox, yeah the one that everybody say it's rigged since you can execute at ridiculous speeds with low chance of misinputs. Newsflash for you, keyboard is very much the same. Using the hitbox on keyboard (which puting space as up) will take you a week or two to get used to. I also have some proper recommendations on what keys to set it up as, USB type keyboards friendly. If you do decide to go with an arcade stick however, the keyboard can still help you develop plinking and option selects.

I've played sf2 and sf4 on keyboard competitively for a good month or so, then decided to make myself a HitBox, and it's been going amazing.
kapeto 2012 12 月 6 @ 10:21下午 
the best is arcade. stick
Cobra Trooper 2012 12 月 12 @ 6:08下午 sound so pro I don't even understand what you are saying :D
Mordecai Walfish 2012 12 月 29 @ 3:53下午 
An arcade stick with Sanwa parts is your best bet.

This includes the MadCats Tournament Edition stick mentioned earlier, as well as the Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA (I use this one), and EightArc Fusion.

All three are perfect for street fighter, but I prefer the latter two because MadCats is a company I will not support with $$ because of their history.
Lexstarshok 2012 12 月 29 @ 4:18下午 
Using the x-box edition Fight Stick Pro and loving it!
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