y2bcrazy 2013年9月28日下午10:37
Can't locate or get my serial key
Hey guys,

I bought SSF4 a while back and finaly launched it today. Problem here is i never get a pop up with a serial key i can copy and when i go in game im asked for a key. How can i locate my SC (serial code) to activate the game on my windows prompt from the game?

Thanks in advance
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Saki 2013年9月29日上午6:41 
IN Library, right click to SSF4, View CD Key
[FH] Heroxoot 2013年9月30日上午10:22 
Click on the game and it shows CD-Key on the right side of the steam window.
y2bcrazy 2013年9月30日上午11:04 
thanks guys...it worked out :)
Tekkenizam 2014年5月27日下午4:02 
what about a gfwl live version, how to see serial key there?
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