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oXo 2013年1月1日 11時49分
Warning - Game is NOT compatible with Windows 8 unless you update GFWL
Advance warning to anyone wondering whether to purchase this game, sale or not - if you're running Windows 8 then this game is NOT compatible with it and will refuse to run out of the box, meaning as is.
Capcom have not released a patch/update because we all know they couldn't care less about PC users anyway.

There was no warning about it not being compatible with Windows 8 either.

To get the game working with Windows 8, you need to uninstall the old outdated version of Games For Windows Live (GFWL) and re-install GFWL latest version which can be downloaded from here --> http://www.xbox.com/en-US/LIVE/PC/DownloadClient

After this is done, the game will then work with Windows 8.

This could easily be sorted with an update released by capcom and put out over steam, but in the meantime, as said above, uninstalling old GFWL and re-installing the newest version with sort out the problem.

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Toxic_Criz 2013年1月1日 12時14分 
UNHANDLED ERROR OCCURED -1 ... I've done the update, accepted new text .. always the same error
What can i do?
ProtocolRPG 2013年1月2日 15時54分 
For me, It had the old and new version of GFWL installed, try looking in programs and features to see if 2 versions of GFWL is installed. if so, uninstall the older one and try again
Toxic_Criz 2013年1月2日 16時47分 
Yes it works! Thank you! :D
BeaselBoy500 2013年8月26日 12時09分 
I did all of this but I still can't run it, I can't find where the old one would be in the first place, what in the actual ♥♥♥♥ man!
BeaselBoy500 2013年8月26日 12時11分 
Is it guaranteed that i even have the old one?
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