Iron Badger Feb 1 @ 10:06pm
On Steam, will Ultra be DLC or a full blown release?
I imagine it'll be a pain to issue an update for removal of GFWL from AE and its costumes when they could just sell Ultra by itself.
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Deathstar Feb 2 @ 9:18am 
First of all, even Super is planned to be migrated to Steamworks when GFWL (finally) dies. Also, Ultra should be available as both an upgrade for those who have Super (which means you get to keep your Super costumes) and as a stand-alone release (for more dineros obviously).
Iron Badger Feb 7 @ 1:57am 
Originally posted by Deathstar:
First of all, even Super is planned to be migrated to Steamworks when GFWL (finally) dies.
Who told you that?
Iron Badger Feb 7 @ 1:37pm 
mmmm, you do realize Joystiq meant that Ultra was getting steamworks right?
Deathstar Feb 7 @ 1:57pm 
Ultra will have Steamworks from day 1 as advertised by the logos in the trailer and confirmed by Capcom Unity. They did mention plans to migrate Super as well, though of course the option to upgrade to ultra for less money is supposed to be the more appealing option.
Speaking for PC, though, I think it's fair to assume the playerbase from Super will mostly move over to ultra.
DrAppulz(sic) Feb 12 @ 4:51pm 
Originally posted by Deathstar:

DiRT 2 (no plans) Massive ♥♥♥♥ you to Codemasters. I could forgive Capcom for SF since they're in the toilet financially right now. But what stops Codemasters from simply removing GFWL and making it an offline title?
Deathstar Feb 13 @ 5:47am 
Another way to get people to buy the newest games I suppose
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