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Oct 23, 2013 @ 2:38pm
~Awesome game
If you don't know if you want to buy it or not i have just played a little 2h and i totally fall in love with this game.

Clickr is really refreshing, the global atmosphere is really cute and relaxing (you can even unlock new skins with a total new atmosphere), the gameplay is nervous but simple to understand, multiple game modes, tons of online leaderboards and achievements.

Some videos of gameplay on youtube:

They're is a known bug on the multi but it's not really a deal breaker, you can still play it, you just need to restart after each games.

Flash demo of the game

I really hope some puzzle-game lovers will give it the try he deserve and become addicted.

~Thank you!

Note: the game run perfectly fine on w7,w8,w8.1
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Clickr > General Discussions > Topic Details