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ShakeNBakeUK Nov 4, 2013 @ 11:03am
Is TQ:IT balanced around having an artifact equipped..?
because I bought this game in Steam sale a while back (even though I already have retail version - but discs are scratched to hell), and I tried levelling up a brand new fresh Warface character in TQ:IT.

OMG I was getting my♥♥♥♥♥handed to me big time, especially by that 1st centaur boss >.< Had to grind lvl 7, and equip a shield, before killing him.

Anyway, I slog my guts out all the way through the rest of Act I. Every single mob feels like a mountain to kill. I don't die again, but content takes me FOREVER to clear without my trusty Molten Orb.

So I finally make it to Egypt, and I had a recipe for some OP artifact, I grind scorpions for a bit for Venom Sacs to craft it.

Now up til this point, my build involved plugging all points into Warfare mastery (+1 point into every skill) and plugging almost all of my stat points in to strength.
For my gear, I was dual wielding 2 blues.

and I was getting my♥♥♥♥♥totally handed to me.

After completing my OP artifact at ~lvl 20, my DPS was DOUBLED (lolwat) and now I 1-shot practically everything, and will probably continue to do so until the next difficulty.

Nothing else in my gear had changed, no change to equipment, skills, stat points. Just equipping the artifact = owning everything, without it, everything owns me.


p.s. when the hell does dual wield start to get any good what so ever..? I plan on maxing out Onslaught then Dodge, then plugging all points into Dual Wield skills. But so far, all the way through Act 1, there was not 1 single stage where I would have been better off with dual wield compared a 1h + shield. Feels like the game is balanced around having a shield as well XD (or range).

p.p.s wombo combo of war horn -> the 360 spin attack seems quite strong. Is levelling up the spin attack the fastest Warfare levelling build for early game..? Seems like the strongest early game Warfare ability to me for dealing with large numbers of mobs.
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jamoke57 Nov 7, 2013 @ 11:06am 
I don't think the game is balanced around the arifacts, but they just help alot for killing speed. I really don't even attempt to make artifacts unless it's a legendary one.

how do you spend your skill points? your life might be really low. I usually spend 2 points into the mastery tree than 1 point into a skill. That gives me pretty good survivability and just enough damage to take out most bosses.

Dual wielding is great for doing damage, but it doesn't really get great until you have pumped alot of points into it. Even then you are giving up your survivavility for more damage. Dual wielding also really depends on the weapons you get. For example you can dual wield two thorny maul maces that give +100% pierce damage and just eat through monsters.

I prefer going 1h/shield though, because I'd rather be tanky than have a faster killing speed.

The 360 spin attack is amazing along with the war banner that buffs your party members. When you drop the war banner you can drop bosses VERY fast.
**hint** there's a guide about making pro warrior in the guide section. helped me alot too! ^^ **hint**
DeadMeat Nov 10, 2013 @ 5:00pm 
If your build is (as you say) damage oriented, and that artifact gives you +% dmg, obviusly your dps is going to increase like... a lot, it's normal.

You should check some guides for builds, becouse later in the game you'll probably struggle becouse of lack of surviability, even if you do pretty well now.
Choosing Defense mastery as secondary and balance it a bit isn't a bad idea.
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