Fortix 2
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How to get some of the achievements
by ♫ MoPcKo cBuH4e :d
This guide will show you how to get the some steam achievements. The rest are found here - link . This is my first guide so if there are some mistakes tell me and I will fix them....
Earning Some Achievements
by APerson
This is a guide to earning some achievements. (But you probably figured that out from the title already.) This guide details the best levels to earn achievements on, and what to do once you get to those levels. Enjoy, and don't forget to rate this guide! ...
Fortix 2 Editing Tricks
by Mhill2029
Various script editing procedures for Fortix 2 (Recommended for Impossible Perfect)...
How to unlock Fortix 2 Zombie mode
by Tarantulo
A short guide that describes and shows how to unlock Zombie mode in Fortix 2. ...
Bölümler ve Başarımlar (Levels and Achievements)
by buraksenkus
Bu rehberde bölümler için taktikler ve başarımların nasıl yapılacağını bulabilirsiniz. This guide for level tips and achievements....
Traveller (GUIDE) - Easiest and most effective way
by Hybris
Want that achievment without the hard work? Well, then this guide is perfect for you....