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lillifey Jul 2 @ 12:42pm
Error & Crash
I finished the game (on easy mode) with perfect scores on everything, i got the acheavement, and the credits scrolled and then it sent me to the "leader board" and crashed the game. No particular error code or anything just stoped working and had to manually shut down the game from windows. Re opening the game i clicked the "high scores" to see if i was there and it immediately crashed the game again.

Not quite sure if this is the right place to be posting this, and i'm not mad or anything, just thought it might help the developers with random troubleshooting.
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Pox Jul 5 @ 7:45am 
I have the same error :(
Ghost_ARG Jul 6 @ 11:36pm 
me too
Amorous Eyes Jul 7 @ 1:14am 
Just installed this game and went through Options and then High Scores. Going to the High Score screen crashes the game immediately every time.
ElectroRobotic Jul 11 @ 12:59pm 
It happens to me, too. Everthing else seems to work fine, but whenever I open the leaderboards, it crashes the game.
Bah Jul 16 @ 10:25pm 
Yep, same here. Went to check the leaderboard and el crasho! Im at least glad Im not the only one.
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me and my friend; same thing
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