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dTTb Jan 17, 2014 @ 1:22pm
TQCollector 0.4.7b works fine without IT if you...
...manually disable IT in the config.xml file.

That file is at %appdata%\tq collector\.
UseIT is the one you need to disable (change true to false with a text editor).
That is, if you, like me, get prompted with an 'unable to locate IT arc file' message of some sort upon first start, before having the option of stating you don't have IT in the first place.
In my case it would loop back to a directory select screen, where I ofcourse couldn't provide a valid path to the IT expansion, leading to the same message again.

I also disabled usecaravans, since they're not in TQ, but not sure if that's relevant.

Thanks to this post by Medea[www.titanquest.net] over at the other forums for the pointer; getting special mention since it talks of what to do in case you bork your TQC by clicking the toggle button (multiple times?) once inside the app.
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dTTb Jan 26, 2014 @ 6:20am 
Just something I linked to but didn't specify: don't toggle (or edit) UseSP to false, somehow it can't take that. (so set it back to true if it 'stops working' on startup)
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