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Konstanty  [developer] Jul 28, 2016 @ 2:55pm
Latest Changelog (0.80.11740+ - 20 Jan 2017)
In this thread, we will post changelogs for smaller patches. Major updates will be posted in the news section but there is no reason to clutter it with minor stuff.

Version 0.80.11740+ - 20 Jan 2017
  • Stability improvements
Version 0.80.11719+ - 19 Jan 2017
  • Improvements to Archdemon's level
  • Enabled Steam crash reporting (should help us better diagnose crashes)
  • Multiple new sound effects added
  • Boots now properly ignore spider web slow effect
Version 0.80.11635+ - 11 Jan 2017
  • Magic Ring now dispels all caster's spells simultaneously starting from level 1 (as intended)
  • Magic Robe's orbs now stun monsters on level 3 not level 2 (as intended)
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to have an army of golems under your command
Version 0.80.11609+ - 09 Jan 2017
  • All 5 ring cards redesigned for better card synergies
  • Golem improved according to feedback (will teleport to follow player, explodes on death, damages shields, etc.)
  • Mass Dispel now works over time
  • Icicles now cause echo shockwaves when hit by ice shockwaves + are created from Ice Bombs
  • Staff of Lightning now makes electric damage hit shields. Bolts are created on any monster damage instead of player normal hits.
  • Lightning mechanics changed (now every bolt has a chance of doing damage)
  • Meteor now also damages monster shields
  • Minor changes to cards: Heal, Book of Ice, Frozen Flail, Burning Axe, Bladestorm, Disarmor, Mana Potion
  • Steam Leaderboards can now be browsed inside the game (in the Hall of Fame)
  • Last items left on a level now blink to help you search for them
  • Hold and fire on mage won’t allow for machine gun hail of bolts
  • Added musical jingles for level clear and new gossip events in dungeon
  • Experimental fix for antivirus interfering with save system
  • Fixed a rare issue when The Cook’s special attack would create delayed missiles
  • Fixed a potential crash when clicking on Fortune Teller during the Portal zoom-in

Version 0.80.11510+ - 20 Dec 2016
  • Added safety layer to game saving process and automatic failure recovery
  • Fixed a possible issue with multiple character slot system
  • Magical Robe won’t spam orbs after being disabled
  • Mouse movement blocked while keyboard movement keys are pressed
  • Various stability fixes
  • Added musical jingles for quest victory and death

Version 0.80.11478+ - 13 Dec 2016
  • Improved RMB and LMB responsiveness and target switching when fighting with shielded monsters
  • Player will no longer be able to move using keyboard controls when frozen
  • Added a few new tiles in Hell for variation
  • Player will be slowable by cold effects again (was disabled by accident)
  • The game will now shut down properly when Windows session is terminated
  • Fix for bosses not displaying prize icon at the top of the screen

Version 0.80.11463+ - 12 Dec 2016
  • Hell tileset fixed. All dungeons should now generate properly
  • Holding down shift now prevents entering stairs, should be useful when fighting near staircases
  • Holding down shift now changes cursor to sword to give visual cue that hero will attack
  • Boss level portal-statues will now be counted against “level clear”
  • Remedy’s cooldown now stops outside of dungeon to match the behavior of the poison
  • Quest bosses will now be correctly listed in prize counter under the top edge of the screen
  • Cold Nova won’t add frost under hidden monsters
  • Bosses in Archdemon quest are now added to prize indicators
  • Skeleton belt effects will now be disabled when card is disabled
  • Fireballs and Ice Bolts now properly explode when colliding with walls

Version 0.80.11443+ - 09 Dec 2016
  • Statues leading to bosses now count towards Level Clear counter
  • Stability improvements in card discovery sequence
  • Right mouse button can be now held pressed over shields to bash them repeatedly just like left button.
  • Target picking when shift is held will now pick targets in attack range not click range (as a result attack range with shift will be the same as with left button)
  • Warrior will now correctly attack when shift is held and will no longer start attack animation if there are any enemies in the attack range
  • Movement marker will display when disengaging from combat in escape mode (double click)
  • Hell Tileset update: bridges now should appear more often according to depth
  • Hell Tileset update: rocks were added around the hellish islands
  • Corrupted Arachnods will now enter second (grounded) state correctly even if there are missiles colliding with them (apparently this one wasn't fixed completely in the last update)
  • Remedy card will now show max charges and charge cost like all Item Cards
  • Fixed a bug where Charge and Teleport cards would stop working sometimes and re-equipping fixed them
  • Fixed a bug where player would stay stunned after deathrage
  • Tweaked visually icicle destruction particles.

Version 0.80.11396+ - 05 Dec 2016
  • Mage class available! Along with 16 unique class specific cards (unlocks if there is at least one Warrior character with level higher than 5 on that account)
  • Use r-click to attack nearest enemy without moving (works for all kinds of attack for both Warrior and Mage)
  • Boots now protect from electric damage
  • Mana potion redone - now spell cards have zero cost during Mana potion cooldown. On level three mana potion resets spells’ cooldowns
  • Decreased chance for impose card to be cursed by half
  • Fancy discovery sequence will no longer be played for Sun and Moon runes if player used all his Sun and Moon runes and found a new one. Now side notification will be used
  • Bonus experience is now gained properly (was erroneously doubled)
  • Fixed a bug where, after a level up, the player sometimes was receiving only a fraction of exp points. This lasted until the end of a Flexiscope game
  • Corrected rank name shown on a Summary Screen
  • Last reward from Cauldron will no longer be lost if the window was closed without collecting it
  • Saves will be now properly deleted in Daredevil mode.
  • Corrupted Arachnods will now enter second (grounded) state correctly even if there are missiles colliding with them.
  • Additional sounds added
  • Hell levels generator upgrade - hell levels should feel more versatile now
  • Killing a boss standing near level exit while using controller won’t exit that level
  • Game is no longer paused when window loses focus (unless it is minimized)
  • Switching to other windows in borderless mode is possible (Alt-Tab)

Version 0.75.11310+ - 28 Nov 2016
  • Bosses and special chests can now drop special pouches containing 3 cauldron ingredients
  • Monster's double attack now works as intended
  • Boots now protect from fire for 8/10/12 seconds now (a bit longer than before)
  • Remedy card description now hints what effects are enabled on higher levels
  • Heal card tooltip now better describes card effect
  • After being slowed or frozen, you are now immune to slow/freeze for a short period of time
  • Bosses (especially quest ones) have a chance now to resist stuns
  • Mighty Blow’s cooldown increased by 1 second (3->4 secs)
  • Burning Axe upgraded to level 3 now properly increases damage inflicted by fire to monsters
  • When Burning Axe and Frozen Flail cards are equipped together, attack enhancement (fire or ice) is now selected automatically
  • Each consecutive poison tick on player is shorter now
  • Bosses in timed state now have 25% larger activity radius
  • Regular monsters near the final boss in the Archdemon quest have been removed
  • Improvements in Archdemon death sequence
  • Throw card will no longer stun monsters that are about to die
  • Balance changes in Antipope quest
  • Artifact cards loosened by stun can now be fixed with controller
  • Increased leaderboard score security (scores from backed-up saves won’t be uploaded anymore)
  • Snakes won’t get stuck on barrels anymore
  • Slimy spores won’t play charging sound twice
  • Fixed a bug where player’s character would sometimes make wrong turns on complicated crossings with looped paths
  • Fixed number of collected upgrade cards shown in stats window
  • Elemental Corpse spawn more on death
  • After upgrading cards other cards could incorrectly be added to “requirements met” group until window was reopened. This will no longer happen.
  • Fast clicking on Cook’s doors or Statues won’t allow for spamming voice message
  • Ghost will no longer be highlighted by loot highlight function when traveling through walls/objects
  • Visual upgrades in Hell Tileset
  • Minor visual fixes in Catacombs
  • Fixed an uncommon visual glitch when junk was rendered if a controller was used to open in-game menu.
  • Fixed rare crash when lob type missile was tossed by a boss and loaded from save
  • Fixed a crash so rare it’s basically legendary: when master monster was removed from map with slaves still present and alive
  • Ghosts spawned by bosses will now collide with other objects as intended
  • Countermeasure for WASD fast attack exploit is now twice as strict.
  • Loot can no longer be picked up when the input is blocked but loot highlighting is on.
  • Fixed Slithering Soldier too small collision radius
  • Fixed a possible crash when dungeon with saved flying spore was loaded
  • Improved stability of Cluster and Throw cards

Version 0.75.11161+ - 16 Nov 2016
  • All ghosts will now behave like proper ghosts and walk through walls
  • Skull Spook will now leave a trail of icicles as intended
  • Boots card change: protection against fire is now time limited
  • Charge is no longer interrupted by arrows
  • Speed up scroll speed in cards pane (3x)
  • 'Smart keyboard movement' where character tries to always walk straight through crossroads is now optional and can be disabled in controls options. When disabled character movement will be more predictable - each WASD key will map to a single direction.
  • Card slot unlock confirmation window will now work with gamepad
  • Slimy spores spawned by timed state will no longer die instantly after they get out of the radius
  • Although not officially supported, the game should now work on Windows XP
  • Multiple tweaks in gui sounds
  • Monsters spawned by other monsters are now not initially hidden or in stone form
  • Zombie plants now will appear with delay
  • Hungry plant can now attack from distance
  • Voracious plant now spawns slimy spores when it appears and when it dies
  • Sometimes gargoyles would stay too long in the stoneform, now fixed
  • Freezing shockwaves now travel faster

Version 0.75.11097+ - 09 Nov 2016
  • Borderless window mode added to graphics options
  • Mouse cursor should feel more responsive
  • Visual upgrades in Hell Tileset
  • Fixed typos in both English and Polish versions
  • Fixed potential crash when setting current language

Version 0.75.11062+ - 04 Nov 2016
  • Destroyed item cards will now have charges reset to 1
  • Fixed typos in both English and Polish versions
  • [Visual glitch] When linking monsters particle effect won’t run in the opposite direction anymore
  • Mouse cursor won’t be affected by critical hits when cards or stats windows are open
  • Using item cards from the cards pane will now unpause dungeon
  • Fixed a bug where objects could be generated outside of dungeon walls
  • Changed displaying achievement progress in awards window

Version 0.75.11039+ - 02 Nov 2016
  • Imposed cards now have lower chance to get cursed
  • Main intro can now be skipped by holding any key
  • Changed difficulty levels' tooltips to be clearer and consistent
  • Fixed string for hidden monster to be in correct language version instead of “ukryty” in all languages
  • Swordstorm won't attack hidden and unhighlightable monsters now
  • Fixed an issue when cards couldn't be equipped to certain slots by dragging
  • All bosses should spawn proper monsters when in states with golden hearts
  • Fuse runes and Upgrade cards options in Town are now easily switchable using a button
  • Monster gossip - added wobble effect on ghosts
  • You can now close changelog window by clicking anywhere
  • No more forcing fullscreen mode when system decides the selected resolution is too big for window mode
  • Fixed: Petit Gargoyle appearing among both gargoyles and zombies in bestiary
  • Fixed 100% gold loss in story mode (should be zero gold loss)
  • Fixed unlocking achievement ready for action

Version 0.75.10998+ - 27 Oct 2016
  • Daredevil mode added
  • New mechanics on higher difficulty levels (Imposed cards, cursed cards, gold loss, card loss)
  • Opening cards pane in the dungeon now slows time, so you can rearrange and use cards in the heat of the battle
  • Added sharing to Twitter. You can now share your death to your friends and family!
  • Fixed terribly low number of bosses in Freeplay

  • Monsters can now be hit during jumps or throws
  • Zombies will now heal faster when hit by poison shockwaves
  • Golden shield hearts immunity will no longer be prolonged by slow and freeze effects
  • Pad emulation added to select screen, town, crosscut, flexiframe and related windows and some unrelated windows too
  • Blade storm spell is now faster and should feel more responsive

  • Balance: Bomb cards reworked; Bombs are now tossed over a longer period of time. Bombs are no longer tossed randomly - they are tossed at active target or (if no monster is targeted) randomly around the hero with the preference for nearby monsters. Number of bombs: 10,12 and 14 at each level
  • Balance: Cluster card reworked; Dealing damage to target for every monster pulled moved from level 2 to level 1. Card upgraded to level 2 also stuns all pulled monsters. On level 3 if a target dies, it explodes dealing randomly ice or fire damage
  • Balance: Blade storm card reworked; Card now has lowered cost and deals 1 damage to all monsters on a screen. After upgrades it has also a chance to apply card effects and stun.
  • Balance: cards should now drop in a bit more randomized order
  • Balance: multiple spell cards casting costs and cooldown times reduced
  • Balance: multiple artifact cards equip costs increased
  • Balance: Frozen flail req level changed from 27 to 22
  • Balance: Helmet card will no longer provide 100% defense against stun, but it will now protect against cursor knock-back (happens during critical hits) from level 1
  • Balance: Reduced attack speed of ghosts with ranged freezing attacks
  • Balance: Archdemon quest will now be much more challenging

  • Improved automatic object selection on pad
  • Fixed visuals for entrance tile of Antipope Quest
  • Pressing r-thumb on game controller will now correctly reset pointer position on player
  • Shield card’s passive effects were not disabled when card was disabled, this is fixed now
  • Added some new sounds
  • Changed Antidote card to Remedy
  • Fixed various typos and minor glitches
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed for very fast attacking by mashing movement keys while holding attack key
  • Bosses now emit stronger light
  • Fixed tooltip about progress in flexiframe
  • Fixed bugs in a few achievements
  • Fixed a bug that caused some monsters spawned by bosses in freeplay to have much too many hearts
  • Fixed bug when boss was stuck during cinematic when failed to summon linked monsters
  • Added effect below Congratulations window
  • Fixed minor inconsistency in changelog version numbering
  • Fixed a very rare crash when linked monster was killed

Version - 17 Sept 2016
  • Fixed a bug when exiting quest level could result in stairs not unlocking

Version - 17 Sept 2016
  • Fixed a crash when entering Cook’s Lair (and possibly other levels in rare cases). This bug was introduced in the last update.

Version - 16 Sept 2016
  • Game tips are now displayed during game loading screens. You can disable them (and the need for pressing any key to start a game) in game options.
  • Improvements to mouse controls - now mouse can be clicked on ground and if quickly dragged over monster it will count as if it was clicked on that monster. This will reduce misclicks (especially on monsters that are clicked when in appear animation) - thanks Peter92 for the idea!
  • Improvements to mouse controls - after killing a monster by holding button down cursor can be moved to the next target and it will be selected automatically.
  • Slimy spores can now be clicked and killed during appear animation and while charging before exploding.
  • More tutorials added - this means that all tutorials are reset and will be displayed again, sorry!
  • Fixed improperly blending tutorial texts in browse mode
  • Fixed slot highlight staying on after unlocking the slot if player was able to afford next slot.
  • Improved NPC window’s responsiveness.
  • We now allow you to select resolutions higher than 1920x1200 and this results in game being upscaled. This can fix potential issues with mouse sensitivity.
  • Catacombs update - fixes in double corridors chambers, added lots of columns.
  • Custom key bindings are now displayed in tooltips on character and cards buttons and under equipped cards.
  • Now when player forces movement (by holding movement key while monster is targeted) an arrow will be displayed under the avatar
  • Bosses in time state now summon monsters in their area of influence
  • Visual improvements to lob missiles (shadows, smoother appears and disappears)
  • Increased level up button visibility
  • Items can no longer be picked up regardless of player range when using loot highlighting function
  • Fixed some bosses that should have hopping warfare
  • Fixed some graphical glitches on monster deaths

Version - 06 Sept 2016
  • Fixed old achievement notifications popping up for new characters of the same class
  • Reverted to the original intro music (which got swapped with gameplay trailer music by accident)
  • Fixed the disappearing card name visual glitch when the first card was found in the dungeons
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from buying cauldron

Version - 05 Sept 2016
  • Multiple slots per class you can now have up to three characters of the same class! To change slot click class button on selection screen twice.
  • Fixed an issue with black screen on game start
  • Tutorials can now be closed with controller
  • Fixed a rare case when clean sweep notification was shown twice when there was a stone with gargoyle on the map and it was the last object destroyed
  • Added alt text to Hourglasses and improved card alt texts (now they won’t spoil contents of unidentified upgrade cards)
  • Game time estimation values will now be much more accurate, as they reflect the data we received from players since start of early access
  • Big changes in the hell tileset including: new coloring and atmosphere sets, new awesome bridges,fixed walls sorting
  • Column props added to maze tileset
  • New nicer graphics for spider webs and spider web missiles
  • Fixed bad footstep colors when dungeon was loaded from file
  • NPC in Town now appear in a more “paper-like” way
  • Added animated mouse click marker to highlight movement commands

Version - 29 Aug 2016
  • Fixed monsters outside of dungeon in catacombs
  • Fixed MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 buttons
  • Added a toggle for loot highlighting (default CAPS LOCK). All keybindings will be reset with this patch.
  • Cards in lower bar won’t display upgrade tooltip when on max level anymore
  • Fixed Cleansing Spark achievement counter in steam stats
  • Fixed rare Archdemons stairs lock bug, where it would not appear for some users.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters were spawned outside of catacombs on levels with double stairs.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters were spawned outside of maze on levels with cursed chest.
  • Z key label now displays correctly in key mappings
  • Fixed issue with WASD that allowed walking during cutscenes and possibly breaking boss fights
  • Fixed fire effects on lava partially pausing during cut-scenes in hell
  • Healing in the Town using vials now properly counts towards achievements
  • Monsters spawned from golden hearts are sent to the back, so they don’t block way for the source monster

Version - 26 Aug 2016
  • Controls are now mappable. The controls option is now available in the in-game menu
  • WASD users can now disable “mouse click to walk” in the new controls menu.
  • When using keyboard controls hovering mouse over cards no longer interrupts movement
  • Big Catacombs tileset update - including new generation rules, decorations, thematic groups, color themes and more!
  • Hell tileset update - new tiles and many bug fixes for wall geometry
  • New animated lava atmospheric effects in hell
  • Graphical props such as piles of rubble, holes in the ground, will no longer disappear when you re-enter a level
  • Another bug with clean sweep counter squashed! The counter was corrupted each time you entered a level with a cursed chest that was already open.
  • Fixed a bug where on some levels dead monsters would be generated
  • Balance: monsters with skills will no longer cast immediately after performing a complex action (such as teleporting or hiding)
  • Balance: spiders have been rebalanced
  • Balance: skeletomancers no longer summon linked monsters
  • Balance: cursed chests have been rebalanced
  • Balance: ranged monsters attack ranges reduced, monsters with teleport now have a distance cap
  • Balance: Boots card is no longer required for fire to damage golden hearts, this is now a universal mechanic
  • Balance: Heal Spell Card has been boosted
  • Balance: Burning Axe will now properly spawn fire when attacking monsters with fire hearts
  • Balance: Disarmor card now destroys all shields not only reveals them on level one. On level two and three it creates shock waves originating at destroyed shields that damage other monsters.
  • Balance: Boots on level 3 now will allow trampling Slimy Spores
  • Balance: in the Antipope quest, skeletons won't be scaled to player level anymore.
  • Balance: Reduced amount of gold and upgrade cards dropped in Freeplay (to slightly increase difficulty)
  • Entering a level does not trigger monsters (action or movement does)
  • Fixed missing restoration fountains on Antipope quest level
  • Monsters with golden hearts now spawn minions when damaged
  • Fixed map generation algorithm that could fail in some rare occasions
  • Some dialog windows have been changed to transparent texts because they were obstructing view in dungeon
  • Dark and golden footsteps are more visible now in Catacombs and in Hell
  • You can now restore hp and mana in town just by hovering over vials on Healer's barrel
  • Minor corrections in game's stringtables.
  • Poison damage now bypasses monster shields.
  • Bomb cards have been nerfed considerably (fixed a bug that would almost double the number of bombs now cards toss 5,8,11 bombs as intended, was 9,12,15)
  • Fixed Level Clear issue on Cook level
  • Mana scroll drop will now correctly display its name when ALT is held down (used to display health scroll's name)
  • Launcher: Fixed a crash when the book was clicked quickly before change log had a chance to be displayed.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with bosses having shields
  • Fixed bosses staying blue after being frozen and progressing to next state
  • Icicles can now be destroyed by holding LMB on them
  • Archdemon shard guardians now won't respawn after loading the game.
  • Tombstone now auto-pickups when the player is closer than 150 units. This should help with monsters ganking on stairs.
  • Fixed a bug in the Archdemon quest, causing Angel cutscenes to play at wrong locations after the game was loaded.
  • Added scaling to fire effect - if framerate drops fires on screen will scale down to prevent further framerate drop
  • Blast! Boom! KABOOM! achievements count card uses not bombs thrown, as was intended.
  • Fire on the ground no longer hurts gargoyles (stone hearts are fire resistant)
  • Moved padlocks on cards in bar when upgrade window is open, now they don't obscure card icon
  • Cards in bar now display upgrade tooltips when upgrade pane is open
  • Stolen cards now automatically equip on pick up

Version - 14 Aug 2016

  • Fixed missing card animation when getting a card from cauldron
  • Fixed a crash when loading a hell level from the previous version

Version 0.71.10353+ - 12 Aug 2016
  • Cursed chests now give better loot (and no crap)
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by monsters calling other monsters
  • Miscellaneous fixes in dungeon generation
  • changelog window: highlight text is now supported for extra important changes!
  • boss fight cinematic sequence: fix for possible problem causing boss’ incorrect state
  • barmaid window->cauldron: fixed incorrect button’s label
  • barmaid window->cauldron: improved collecting prizes animations
  • Minor corrections in game’s string tables.

Version 0.71.10323+ - 10 Aug 2016
  • Experimental WASD controls are active (keyboard player movement). Because of that Character Window is now opened with [ U ] key (used to be [ S ]).
  • Hopefully final fix for all “level clear” problems and for mystery monsters on the crosscut screen
  • Fixed a bug where monsters and objects could spawn outside of map in the maze
  • Added a smart cap to number of monsters summoning
  • Fixed a bug when (sometimes) after loading a game spiders/ghosts were just standing there staring at the player
  • Monsters will now wait a bit before they start casting when you enter a level
  • Stairs compass now indicates level clear and becomes a clickable button that allows leaving level, no more running!
  • Added a stronger visual cue for tilted cards
  • Auto-hiding boss bar when mouse is over or close to it
  • Major tweak of destroyed sarcophagi in Maze.
  • Fixed a bug where Antidote card on cooldown would override Helmet’s stun protection
  • Removed bug in Avatars window occasionally leading to crash
  • Fixed a bug where objects (such as barrels) would be spawned where they shouldn’t be
  • Press any key during card upgrade or rune fusion animation to skip it
  • Fixed incorrect tooltips’ translation in Stats window
  • Fixed a hilarious bug where player’s charge wouldn’t end if cinematic sequence started after activating charge, which caused the hero to keep running around the map while dramatic events unfolded.
  • Player will no longer become invisible when using doors in Antipope’s lair.
  • Fixed incorrect door sprite in Antipope’s lair.
  • Added limits to how many and how often each sound effect can be played.

Version 0.71.10279+ - 05 Aug 2016
  • Hopefully fixed level clear and monsters staying on crosscut screen bug
  • Hidden monsters cannot get poisoned anymore
  • Another resolution selection fix has been applied

Version 0.71.10267+ - 04 Aug 2016
  • Due to the popular demand ALT key now highlights loot, displays monster names and enables “hover to pick up” on all loot types when held down.
  • Fountain refill time has been doubled (now 30 seconds).
  • Flexi games longer than medium favor longer levels (side result is that all games should fit on crosscut screen)
  • Fixed Summary Frame changing position in some aspect ratios.
  • Fixed the possibility to skip Archdemon battle by clicking on stairs down. This time for good!
  • Added multiple safeguards against writing to locked files, that could crash the game when an antivirus program (such as AVG or Kaspersky) was scanning savegame folder
  • dungeon generation reliability improved
  • Fixed some spelling errors reported by players

Version 0.71.10253+ - 03 Aug 2016

  • Fixed a crash bug that happened when skeleton belt card was equipped and player was hit with missiles launched by since killed monster
  • There is now a notification if a dungeon has been regenerated (due to a corrupt save or due to tileset changes from the latest update)
  • If a level is regenerated and it previously contained your tombstone, the cards and gold are returned to you automatically.
  • It is no longer possible to reset the tutorial game
  • Further tweaks to The Cook tileset
  • Updated descriptions of various Achievements
  • Added VSync checkbox in Options menu

Changelog for version 0.71.10232+

  • Bosses should no longer throw themselves into lava in the form of a suicide missile
  • It’s no longer possible to skip final Archdemon fight by clicking on stairs going down, we locked them
  • Spell bubbles have slightly bigger radius and block input, so stairs shouldn’t trigger
  • Several bugs in the save system have been fixed. This should result in an improved stability
  • Added temporary invulnerability after tombstone pickup and a shockwave that throws monsters away
  • Player walk animation would sometimes get stuck after using door but this will no longer happen
  • Added much more debug information to game logs, so it should now be easier for us to track problems
  • Magic shields will no longer appear on monsters that are dying
  • Throw card rebalanced and fixed (ranges were doubled, thanks Niebe for reporting!)
  • Fixed cluster card - was unreliable and unstable if targeted monster died while casting.
  • Added health and mana spawning barrels in The Cook quest.
  • Removed supersized rooms from The Cook quest, modified other rooms
  • Doors in Cook quest will now unlock when all barrels are destroyed (in case the key is difficult to find on the floor)
  • Lowered chance for new barrels to spawn in The Cook quest by 50%
  • Monsters won’t trigger in the cinematic mode
  • Fixed unlocking trek achievement (game size related)
  • Enabled CTRL+V in feedback widget for easier screencap linking
  • Fixed achievement and avatar progress loss after deleting different profile
  • Fixed a rare crash when card was identified (enabled button when no card selected)
  • Fixed a wrong avatar shared to facebook “unlocked avatar” window
  • Now clicking on any rune slot will assign basic card from the larger stack to prevent sun rune starvation (again, thank you Niebe for suggestion!)
  • Fixed a problem when sometimes the game would give you an unimaginable number of golden keys
  • Cursed chest won’t open on load on rare occasions (also fixed linked mechanic serialization)
  • Cluster card no longer deals dmg on level 1
  • Expanded skeleton hitboxes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused The Cook’s pots to have random hit zones.
  • Improved resolution selection on game launch

Changelog for version 0.71.10201+
  • Added debug function to reset current flexi game (a small “X” button below current game). This should be used only when the player is stuck or the game is somehow broken it's a temporary feature added until we improve balance .
  • Fixed a bug with the invisible player
  • Fixed a bug with gold and exp calculation that could sometimes produce their huge amounts
  • Boss won’t trigger during cinematic sequence.
  • Fixed crash when identifying rune card with card pane open.
  • Missing reward icons in the dungeon will no longer crash the game
  • Fixed crash when you have a very large number of runes

Changelog for version 0.71.10190+
  • Icicles are now selectable with game pad
  • Fixed a problem where the player could get stuck after clicking on doors, exiting the game before character entered doors and then loading the game.
  • Fixed antipope tile, no weird unconnected corridor anymore
  • Slithering mages no longer summon so many monsters with the summon skill causing impressive horde of monsters
  • Probably fixed occasionally incorrect initial gold amount in game creation window bug aka “An offer you can’t refuse”. Please report if that happens again.
  • Fixed counting player’s deaths in stats window
  • Fixed incorrect amount of score and badges in Awards window
  • Dungeons should now generate more reliably

Changelog for 0.71.10177+
  • Fixed invisible wall in Cook's Lair
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Kujar3Player Jul 29, 2016 @ 3:22pm 
Originally posted by Konstanty:
Slithering mages no longer summon so many monsters with the summon skill causing impressive horde of monsters
Awww, my favourite and most hated enemies are getting a nerf

Originally posted by Konstanty:
Fixed counting player’s deaths in stats window
I still have yet to die

Keep up the good work!
Konstanty  [developer] Jul 29, 2016 @ 3:27pm 
No worries, now they will summon linked monsters too, so it's not exactly a nerf :D
BariTengineer Aug 2, 2016 @ 6:53pm 
Originally posted by Konstanty:
No worries, now they will summon linked monsters too, so it's not exactly a nerf :D

When you say linked I assume you mean the ones that provide invulnerability until killed?

I was in the Cook quest and had a few summoners show up, it generated a horde where I couldn't kill them because of their defenders who I couldn't get to because I couldn't move from all the enemies. Having summoners spawn their own defenders felt really bad to me. It was stressful enough because there were a horde of enemies but I couldn't kill them fast enough because the summoners kept summoning more and I couldn't kill them because I couldn't reach their defenders. I think it might feel ok if they spawned with defenders, just part of the package, but it feels pretty bad that they can summon them too. (Of course I could have been crazy and they *did* spawn with them and I didn't notice, if that's the case then the problem was likely more that several all spawned at once, which didn't feel great either).
Konstanty  [developer] Aug 3, 2016 @ 2:28am 
Originally posted by BariTengineer:
Originally posted by Konstanty:
No worries, now they will summon linked monsters too, so it's not exactly a nerf :D

When you say linked I assume you mean the ones that provide invulnerability until killed?

I was in the Cook quest and had a few summoners show up, it generated a horde where I couldn't kill them because of their defenders who I couldn't get to because I couldn't move from all the enemies. Having summoners spawn their own defenders felt really bad to me. It was stressful enough because there were a horde of enemies but I couldn't kill them fast enough because the summoners kept summoning more and I couldn't kill them because I couldn't reach their defenders. I think it might feel ok if they spawned with defenders, just part of the package, but it feels pretty bad that they can summon them too. (Of course I could have been crazy and they *did* spawn with them and I didn't notice, if that's the case then the problem was likely more that several all spawned at once, which didn't feel great either).

Yes, linked monsters mechanic are those monsters with henchmen connected with dotted lines. You are not crazy, they summon their henchmen. We went with spawning because that way the player knows that the henchmen are there, bosses can spawn them in a special boss fight stage and, last but not least, it looks pretty ;-)

We will probably cap that summoning skill and/or increase cooldown on it to prevent huge monster stampedes. As you say, this gets frustrating and we want to avoid that at all cost.
Vorttex™ Aug 5, 2016 @ 7:29am 
The amount of updates that come out for this game just makes me appreciate the buy alot more. Feelsgoodman.jpeg to have a game well looked after.
FrozenZeroLight Aug 5, 2016 @ 9:26am 
Thanks for all your work! I really appreciate it :)
SoulKnight Aug 10, 2016 @ 6:57pm 
I started a new profile and just finished the cook so far so good, I think the WASD works, in some cases it is hard to tell which button to press at certain crossroads and you end up taking a wrong turn here and there but I like how I can easily control the character to go back and forth during a fight while I can change cards with my mouse etc. I think it works.

Also is it intended for the avatar experience to be profile based? I was hoping I can continue my overall avatar progression on the new profile. But if not I understand as I can see how for multiple people using the same machine have different progression.
Konstanty  [developer] Aug 11, 2016 @ 1:40am 
Originally posted by SoulKnight:

Also is it intended for the avatar experience to be profile based? I was hoping I can continue my overall avatar progression on the new profile. But if not I understand as I can see how for multiple people using the same machine have different progression.

That's exactly it. The idea is that separate profiles are for separate players. Glad that WASD is working for you. The direction picking is 'smart'. If you hold one button when approaching crossroads it will prefer going straight. In order to turn you have to add another button.
Mysterio Aug 14, 2016 @ 12:30pm 
What was today's 9.2 MB update?
Szejmas Aug 14, 2016 @ 4:11pm 
Launch game and see change log in game ^^
Konstanty  [developer] Aug 14, 2016 @ 11:27pm 
A small fix for chrash in hell - I'm on mobile until late afternoon so I had no way to post change log. But really it was just a hotfix :-)
arhont Aug 25, 2016 @ 9:26am 
Can we expect to see an update tomorrow or on Saturday? Very boring :)
Last edited by arhont; Aug 25, 2016 @ 9:33am
Konstanty  [developer] Aug 25, 2016 @ 9:42am 
Originally posted by Morok:
Can we expect to see an update tomorrow or on Saturday? Very boring :)

Large update tomorrow - changelog is longer than one page right now and we are not done yet. Spoiler: mappable controls are in this update.
Vorttex™ Aug 25, 2016 @ 9:45am 
Originally posted by Konstanty:
Originally posted by Morok:
Can we expect to see an update tomorrow or on Saturday? Very boring :)

Large update tomorrow - changelog is longer than one page right now and we are not done yet. Spoiler: mappable controls are in this update.

Ermahgerd, looking forward to it!
Silent Moebius Aug 25, 2016 @ 9:57am 
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