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Feeling disapointment here. Are people playing games with joystick and asking for "pause" features in the forum here in our leaderboards? Please tell me that joystick players aren't saving scores?
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Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Jan 4 @ 6:16am 
Everybody's score is recorded, but we are able to see on our end who's biking and who's on gamepads. Our data so far indicates that bike players have nothing to worry about in terms of unfair competition from controller players. I'll see what else I can dig up that might help provide context, if possible...
Still bugs me. Buying in makes you feel like your part of the club. Or on the TEAM. the influx of kids whinning about wanting motion controller support and 'pause' buttons really kills it for me. A pause button? Woudln't that be nice when running a marathon... you could go full bore instead of pacing yourself for the end... and then pause. Come back a hour later and go full bore again for the next leg of the race. It's a workout... but a gaming session. If I want to game I go play Valkyrie or Astroneer. Now that it's been a couple months I've learned the challenges don't excite me for games that aren't equalized. The only ones that I feel are a fair challenge are LeTour. Pegasus gates, race car gates. The ones were there is no luck or chance involved and you have to do well physically to earn your place. Gem hunt is a lot of chance and learning the best route to maximize points, no real points for peddling hard. = ( As well - running, out lasting in TANKS doesn't reward you with any points. Peddling FASTER should give MORE POINTS in all games. Last night I played tanks several times and one tank pops up behind me and gets 3 shells in me before I can even turn my turret. The enemy firing rate increases way to much. I once had 2 tanks pop up behind me and one fired twice and the other fired once and it was over in 1.5 seconds. To those people that are still trying to make their home bike work... and say Virzoom is to much. I just spent 299. on a wheel and 189. on a shifter for the 4 racing games I have. (that each cost me around 50 bucks) So to play 4 driving games I have 4 x50 = 200 + 299 + 189. for a total of 700.00+ with shipping. There is no reason not to pay 290.00 for a virzoom + 110 shipping. Over all I'm feeling "THE VIRZOOM WORKOUT TEAM" is being influcened and infiltrated by kids that want free gaming. I think it was a big mistake to release the games to non zoomers. I no longer know who's in the club and who's a outsider. It really brings down the whole experience for me.
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also there should be no speed limit. Meaning - I peddle FAST in pegasus gate race. At times I really stress it and push even faster only to see that the game is already maxed out. (pegasus doesn't fly any faster) so I'm over exhurting for zip. ???? If the player pushed harder there should be a reward. (not a top end limit). Same with the car. And in the kayak for that matter. There is no speed difference between fast - faster and fastest. So pushing hard doesn't pay off. If would also be nice to see a PUSH METER on screen. Showing that you're pushing the max the game can take. So we know when we're over exhurting. (wasting energy). And we can see in that power bar when we have to push a little more to fill the power meter. As long as I'm sharing last nights thoughts... I also wished I had a volume control for game play. In order to get started we need to be on the bike with VR headset on. The game then starts and I find it's to loud (more often to soft). My pink floyd music comes in through the software (and I have set the volume in that) but it often over powers the game sound and I don't want to hassle with getting off to fiddle with game volume.
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Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Jan 4 @ 7:22am 
I hear you, and I've passed the comments along to the team. I can say, at least, that while we do listen to all the feedback we get, we are first and foremost designing games and features to be used with our bikes. The last thing we want to do is diminish the experience for the people who actually pay for our product.
anayder Jan 4 @ 4:43pm 
Ron, I think in the gate race game you are randomly dropped at different starting gates every time you play, and sometimes a certain starting point is more beneficial than others. You also have to really get aggressive with your flying to take advantage of the shortcuts. I played that game so many times!
You are my nemesis - = ) I see we're always neck in neck. Or more so I'm neck and your head. = )

Yes lately I've been dropped at a weird point. There is far less flying options. One gate has been really hidden around a right turn. I've jumped off to a gate to see it over my right shoulder DOH! What I wonder about - peddling fast vs peddling insanely is there a different in travel speed? I wish we had a "POWER METER" on screen in all games that show when we have room to push more. OR - if the meter is already maxed out - we'd know it's not going to make any difference if we push harder. (or may alraedy be over exhurting). I always have a bit more in the tank and when I pour it on in flight - I don't see any extra speed - so I think it's wasted effort. (is there a way to maximize speed flying? (is there a lean forward and DIVE faster position? It really should start in the same place (FOR THAT WEEK) so that we're all on the same course. I like the variety - but should be same for all for that leaderboard (weekly period).

REALLY we should also benifet in more tension. Position 2 being faster than position 1. Since it's not - I'm assuming everyone is at "1". In all the games.
I agree that a pause button wouldn't make sense. I actually made it through all 15 gates on Le Tour last night, and even though I still failed some of them, it gave me a great sense of accomplishment just to finish! (I still think a shorter version of Le Tour would be a good addition to the games, though.)

Personally, I like that some of the games aren't *all* about physical ability. It gives those of us who are less in shape some chance to at least feel like we can compete. And it seems to me that even with the games that seem like they're more about strategy or chance, you will get better results by putting in more physical effort.

I'm not sure if I'm worried about joystick players being on the leader boards or not. It does seem like allowing people to play with a normal controller should have just been for demo purposes, and that their scores probably shouldn't be on the leader boards. I just wonder if that's really something to worry about. There can't be that many people just wanting to play that way more than once or twice.

I'm more concerned about the fact that bike ownership seems to be such an exclusive club right now. Being in an exclusive club might be fun, but not if it means that there's never a VirZoom Arcade 2 or that we lose support for the existing games.

Unfortunately, to a lot of people, $400 just sounds like an insane amount to spend on a game controller (for Playstation VR users, this is the same price as their headset). For those people to get on board, either the price is going to have to go down (as the price of most products do after the early adoption phase), or they are going to have to be convinced of the bike's value as something more than a controller. Probably both.
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As far as tension goes, I wouldn't object to having the tension setting give you a bonus in all of the games. I always have my tension set at about 5, because that's what I can handle and I don't care enough about getting high scores to set it lower and get less benefit from the exercise. I would hope that there really aren't that many people setting their bikes all the way down to 1 just to get a better score.
I'm starting to think that way. I keep playing for score in tanks and at 3000 the enemy firing rate is so fast I get hit 3 times before I can turn my turret toward the enemy. I think end the game and was getting disapointed again. Then I thought - it's stll a work out and still fun during - so why not do like you say - up the tension and play 2-3 matches just to get the fun/workout time rather than score.

I've also been looking into ZWIFT - I ordered a ANT+ receiver for my desktop as my bike already will work with it. (just need to get a trainer again) but not sure it will be emmersive enough. If they add VR - I'm in.
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