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Peteo Mar 19 @ 7:03pm
What app to use to get data into Apple health?
I set up virzoom with strava and it syncs. But it does not seem to add calories burned, heart rate or it as an exercise in apple health. Only shows distance. Is there any way to get these stats into Apple health?
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Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Mar 20 @ 6:10am 
We don't yet integrate VirZOOM Accounts with Apple IDs, but I'll pass the suggestion on to the team! If there's a way to integrate Strava or Fitbit with Apple Health, maybe it's possible to use one of those as a pass-through (I honestly don't know myself). In the meantime, you can view your calories and other stats at
Peteo Mar 20 @ 6:32pm 
Hmm all the data syncing to strava seems to be screwed up. Its saying I was going 32 mph! also strava is not taking in heart rate or calories.
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Mar 21 @ 7:00am 
Strava syncing looks good on our end – what we see in our database for your user account is what Strava shows for your user account – so my guess is that there are a few things going on here:

1. VirZOOM Arcade (not Strava) is not detecting your heart rate and calories properly. This is usually a result of how we hold the handlebars. Your palms need to be touching all four metal plates on the handles for pretty much the whole session in order to detect heart rate, and that in turn is how we calculate calories. You also want to make sure you set your weight at (Summary: This part is probably not broken, but if you have more info, please let me know, and read on...)

2. It's worth noting that we show speeds in Cycle (Le Tour) as KPH, not MPH, so the number you see in VirZOOM Arcade will be different from the number you see in Strava. (Summary: This part is probably not broken too, but if you have more info, let me know. And finally...)

3. Speed is currently calculated using some kind of magic that I need to talk to the devs to understand better. It's possible that the speed you see on a speedometer (like in Cycle or Racecar) is different from the speed we actually report (which is calculated by virtual kilometers per unit of time). It occurs to me now that you appear to move a lot farther in Racecar and Cycle than you do in Tank or Pegasus, even though you may be pedaling just as hard in each. I wonder if there's a disconnect between apparent distances experienced in game and what gets reported as virtual kilometers, but I will need to get back to you on that. (Summary: Something might be broken here, or working as intended but poorly communicated to players.)

If you have any other data to throw my way, feel free! Thanks for bringing this to my attention either way, though.
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Mar 21 @ 8:58am 
Hey, I had a chance to chat with our CTO, and he gave me some great additional insight into how we calculate all of this. I got so much interesting information from him I'll probably post a dev diary of sorts on, but the long and the short of it is this:

1. The speeds reported on in-game speedometers are intended for reference within the game only, and vary between games. (You are shown going farther and faster in a race car than in a tank.) Those speeds don't reflect (our estimation of) your real-world speed, which are consistent between games. Our CTO explained to me how we estimated that: "It was tuned based on an empirical judgement of similar torques at resistance [setting] 5 to 15th gear on a 27 inch wheel bicycle we used in our first bicycle. We then took slow-motion movies to determine the relative torque required to accelerate our pedals at different resistance levels."

2. Since the pedaling resistance setting is currently used in this calculation, make sure you have that calibrated in VirZOOM Arcade:

3. I am told by the most hardcore cyclist in the office that an average speed of 22mph is actually pretty fast in a bike race, so we might be overestimating if we're reporting 32mph!
Peteo Mar 21 @ 12:33pm 
Why is VirZoom reporting my Hear rate during the game if it is not getting a reading? and its also recording my calories. Neither of these seem to be importing into Strava
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Peteo Mar 21 @ 12:43pm 
When I do the kayak I seem to be sitting at sholder hight. I calabrated before launching the game. other games have the right hight. Any way to fix this?
Peteo Mar 21 @ 12:45pm 
With Timed Workout why cant I just play one game for lets say 30 mins?
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Peteo Mar 21 @ 12:49pm 
Is there any way to record your activity if you are not using the VirZoom arcade games?
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Mar 21 @ 1:31pm 
If VirZOOM Arcade can't detect a heart rate, it applies a default rate (I believe 60), and it'll give a calorie estimate based on that. Without getting into boring technical stuff, if we don't give a default heart rate, it has to default to 0, which ends up looking even wonkier in the end. There may be a way to communicate to users better when we have a hard time detecting heart rate, though, so at least those numbers aren't a surprise in the end – I'll put in a feature request for this.

We don't currently transmit heart rate and calories to Strava, just distances and times. I'm told by a developer that this is because of a mismatch between how we handle that kind of info and how Strava handles that kind of info, but I can put in a feature request for that, too.

I think what you see in Kayak is just where the camera is positioned, and for whatever reason it's just set to be lower than one might expect. If you're not convinced, or if it looks really super badly off to you, please feel free to email us a screenshot to – maybe you're seeing something different from what we're seeing!

Currently the only way to record activity on My VirZOOM is in VirZOOM Arcade, but we've talked about setting up other mechanisms like a VR-free mode with a smartphone app. That's all just in the discussion phase still, though, so if that's something you'd like to see, let me know – the more people who request it, the quicker I can get that bumped up in priority!
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Mar 21 @ 1:32pm 
Oh, and Timed Workout only does games randomly, but I have been pushing for a change to that too, and as recently as last week. I don't know when that's changing, but I feel pretty good about that happening!
Peteo Mar 21 @ 4:21pm 
Ok thanks. Yes timed workouts should let me choose what I want to play.
Virzoom is getting the heart rate. I'm getting 110-170 (thought it's off compared to my Apple Watch) it is also recording calories (which is also off, says 700+ but Apple Watch says 350) I was wondering why these were not showing up in strava and now I know. Do you know if this data is synced with Fitbit? The position of the kayak seems to low to me. I'll try clicking the left trigger 4 times to see if it fixes it.

Maybe you can get the game pad emulator to log you into virzoom and record your stats? Would really like to do this. Was watching a movie in Vive video app and cycling at the same time so would love it to record this time.
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Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Mar 22 @ 7:00am 
We have the same limitation in the data we send to Fitbit, too. I've passed along the suggestions, though – thanks!
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