Bob Jun 30, 2013 @ 2:30pm
yo, great game, had it on release but thats a long time ago.

anyway to get higher resolution, 1920-1080? I tried configfile but nothing to change there.
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Actually James Jan 20 @ 10:08pm 
Is there a way to be sure of what resolution you have? I have played with VIDEOMODE on several different settings and I get varying resolutions as expected. But I have no way of verifying what the resolution is. I tried doing a printscreen and then pasting the image into MSPAINT. This seemed to work. I'd be keen to know how you checked yours?
Actually James Jan 22 @ 4:38pm 
Originally posted by SLO_Robert:
try VIDEOMODE=32 or 30 or 31 i have VIDEOMODE=32 for 1920x1200

Hi again, sorry, using @SLO_Robert might not have flagged a response to this thread, so I hope quoting will work. Just wondering how you can be sure of your resolution? As I posted previously, I do a print screen when in game and then paste this into MSPAINT. The resolution of the image is how I tell. Is there a better way than this??



EDIT - I think I know a better way now, using F12 in steam, haven't tried it yet though. Only problem is I can't tell if I am using 16 or 32 bit colour! Anyway of telling other than using the codes form GTR2? I have that too but haven't installed it yet.
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Actually James Feb 15 @ 10:02pm 
Hi SLO, thanks for the update, I tried using F12 and that worked, confirmed that I'm using 1920 by 1080 resolution, still no idea what colour depth I have though.

I installed GTR2 and GT Legends and used their config.exe and config.ini files now using 1080, 32 bit, Vsync, full AA with refresh of 50Hz, so good! Below are my settings for GTR. Maybe try them and see what you get?

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