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mjdesmarteau 2012年12月6日 11時50分
How the heck do I get out of the garage and onto the track? Using a Logitech wheel and pedals. They work fine but I'm stuck in the garage.

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John Oliver 2012年12月10日 7時02分 
you will need to map all the controls first and set up ff i found the brake and gears were not set right on mine only takes a min though then enjoy :)
mjdesmarteau 2012年12月11日 11時44分 
It will go into gear with the paddle shifter and the engeine will rev. Did yours do that? Thanks
John Oliver 2012年12月18日 13時02分 
well also if you dont have a clutch pedle it wont bibge if you dont have auto clutch on
mjdesmarteau 2012年12月21日 12時37分 
Ok Thanks
metalnmotors 2012年12月27日 8時21分 
Hi, Just a quick question...I have a G27 wheel...win732bit...nvidia550ti card and a Q9950 cpu..
Would in your OP think this game will run or is game too old?I have Race 07 and every expansion for some time and it runs perfect...I got caught with ridge racer unbounded as it wont keybind with wheel and my x-box controller for windows wont work with RRUB either ..
Any input appreciated....Thanks for taking time to read this.
balil 2012年12月27日 11時23分 
I don't have G27 just DFGT so I don't know if H shiter and clutch work properly in this game but at least paddle shifters should work once you remap buttons and setup your wheel properly. I'm now playing this game on Q6700@3.4G, 5870, win764bit system at 1680x1050.

Despite it's age, game itself is still quite a fun, I also play GTR2 and race07 but this one probably has the best drive feel out of three(to me at least), it's quite difficult to drive a car around the track at competitive pace without losing control(simulation mode) but if you like that sort of challenge this is must buy I think especially at a bargain price, also you can't expect pcars quality graphics but when everything maxed out it still looks quite decent probably on par with race07 or GTR2.

My only gripe would be lack of people online, I have this game for 3days now but I still haven't seen any active servers,lol Unfortunately online is as deserted as this forum it seems.
metalnmotors 2012年12月28日 13時33分 
Thanks matey--I only use the clutch on LFS --I love arcade type gamestoo(Although this is in between)Great game though and the price would be cost of shipping alone if I got it on ebay or Amazon.Online racing has taken a big dip.A lot of my buddies gave up the racing for the shooters.I'm 44 --all race type games for 7 years and I'm still useless lol.
Thanks for the reply...appreciated.
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