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My recorded Livestream
Here's an almost 2 hour long livestream of a my Grid 2 session. If someone is wondering whether or not to get this game, this footage should give you a good idea of what to expect. There will be dirty racers, but if you are skilled enough, you can beat them.

In my opinion, this game could have been as good as the original. Things that I miss from the Original Grid:

1. Option to search for specific lobbies (ie, collisions on, off, or forward settings)
2. Drift Mechanics in the drift competition was better in the first GRID in my opinion.
3. Option for lobby to BOOT a player that's a wrecker.
4. Every player was on even playing level (ie. all cars are the same and not customizable) which makes the person that ran the best lines is the winner.
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GRID 2 > General Discussion > Topic Details
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