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Ragnak 2013年3月29日下午11:29
Looking for people to play with
Been reading the rules and there isn't a rule against this, so..

I've been playing GRID and the urge to play DIRT 3 came to me. I played only a little online because it's hard to find a good session.

Spanish speakers are most welcome, and english too, but it's been a while since I have spoken in english :P I might slip on some pronunciations resulting in hilarious or insulting results.

I'm looking to play races mostly. Feel free to add me. Or if you wanna add me directly to the GFWL, search for TheRagnak

(Again: sorry if this annoys someone, I'm new in this game community)
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[BUL]Ragnarous 2013年3月30日上午8:50 
:D Funny thing, I am Ragnarous you are Ragnak
Ragnak 2013年3月30日下午1:11 
引用自 BULRagnarous
:D Funny thing, I am Ragnarous you are Ragnak

hehe And you are from bulgaria... am I right?
[BUL]Ragnarous 2013年3月31日上午1:01 
Yes, why?
SiiXPooL 2013年3月31日下午7:00 
I'm American. I played once last night on Dirt 3 and it was fun. Such a cool game, I picked up the other three (Dirt 2, Grid, and Fuel.) Add me on here, or i think my GFWL is Vital1ty
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