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lord_bartek May 31 @ 10:13am
Game does not save video settings + sometimes GFWL does not log on
Having a probilem with Dirt3 every time I run the game it resets to default video setting wth? Also is any one else sometimes having problems with loggin into the microsoft crappy GFWL network ?

My GPU is gt650m + laptop i5 + 8gb ram if it matters runnin on win 8.1.

Please help.
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Superd00ps May 31 @ 12:18pm 
try running the .exe in windows 7 compatability mode
lord_bartek May 31 @ 2:52pm 
That didnt help, still every time i run it it resets. Even if i run nvidia experiance, "optimalize" the game, press to run it it resets to default...
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