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ProximateTen Feb 22 @ 9:07pm
Punishing difficulty
Ok maybe I'm doing something wrong.. but I die about every 2 minutes in this game. Zombies constantly interrupt me with ranged shots (even though I have a 75% chance of avoiding it, seems to be closer to 10%), and if I have to take on more than 2 zombies at once they mow me down in a matter of seconds.

I'm no stranger to ARPGs and typically play them on slightly more difficult settings, but this is just rediculous. Can anyone offer some tips on how to NOT die all the time?
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GamerZ Apr 28 @ 3:21pm 
Hahaha, It's meant to be hard, And that is one thing that is awesome about this game, It's the start at least.
A Few things that you can do are: Make the Zombies follow you up o the guards as they are fairly powerful (And I have never seen one die.), but make sure that you do most of the damage and the guards only help by taking all damage and giving a little for XP's sake. Also make sure you upgrade the apropiate skills if you are an archer. Oh and Just so you know If you still have a hard time, switch your skills to a mages-They have it easier at the start of the game.
Also get Liptips chest for him so you can get life insurance and have more space to put your stuff.
Also, make sure to get Morka, she will help alot. She is a healer and although she is best suited to a melee fighter.
I hope this helped. :)
ProximateTen Apr 28 @ 11:59pm 
Thanks!!! I did start doing some of these.. more through self-discovery :)
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