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New UI List Suggestion
This is a quality of life suggestion that I feel is missing from this game. All too often, when a tribe becomes large, it naturally becomes more difficult to manage. It can be difficult to keep track of certain creatures and ensure they breed before they die, and bleeding creatures are difficult to pinpoint or might even go unnoticed. Threats, such as the carnivore, horny males, or the eagle, can also be hard to keep track of on a large island.

I whipped up a user interface design that will hopefully make it much easier to manage members of the pack and threats when they do pop up.

Here is an in-game example using a screenshot:

Here is a thorough explanation of my design-making decisions:

Sorting through members of a large pack can get out of hand when it comes to breeding, and a list such as this streamlines the process, especially with sorting options available. It can also make it easier to select certain creatures or immediately see what demands attention at the beginning of a turn. It's all for the quality of life of the game- and while I understand implementing something like this may be difficult and complex, I would immensely appreciate the added ease this feature would bring to the game and figured I would make the suggestion.

Questions and suggestions are welcome!
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That is really cool and would make managing the tribe a lot easier. Really hope Sheevee sees this!!!
miershyk Jan 8 @ 10:39pm 
This is a really cool UI! It helps to keep tabs and tracks of all the pack members, as well as seeing which members are compatible for breeding so you don't breed any with the same symbols. At least then you don't need to keep clicking on every member until you find suitable couples. The warning system and organising makes it easier too.
Sparkius Jan 8 @ 11:59pm 
+1, expecialy for the death / attention thing
leydaa Jan 10 @ 3:49am 
This is amazing! A population overview is a highly requested feature, and you managed to put in all the functionalities while still keeping it clean and easy to use!
GilmarGirl Jan 10 @ 10:24am 
Jojo Jan 10 @ 11:07am 
This looks really nice! Just clean and easy to spot everything. Great idea :D
Good idea, very useful system. :)
Glad you guys like the idea! Calling it the "population overview" is much better, thanks.

Additional features: You can star/mark certain members you want to make stand out from the others on the list. Additionally, being able to see the gems on the side allows you to know who has remaining moves that still need to be used. Sometimes, I accidentally skip creatures because they're out exploring the other side of the island or in the water, where they aren't as visible.
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Jojo Jan 14 @ 1:41am 
The whole stark/ mark thing would be nice, additional with different types of markings to make ranks and stuff (for the roleplayers here) :D
Sheevee  [developer] Jan 18 @ 1:16pm 
Cool suggestion! Added it to our looong backlog of stuff we should add xD
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Awesome! Thanks for considering it Sheevee! :D
It's pretty amazing, good work ay
Suggestions: alpha/beta/omega rank symbol, perhaps in front of the name of the creature inside the colored box, clickable to change. Default to show immunities farther left, as that's always a concern, and leave the DNA option on the far right open for mutations desired, such as paws/snouts/eyes, etc.

Maybe a mouseover tooltip can be enabled/disabled to show +/- stats for easy reference, example (forgive me if numbers are wrong, I'm working off memory, lol):
Strength: 5 +1 Ram +2 Big Body +2 Claw Heat Resistance: 5 +5 Big Body Cold Resistance: -5 -5 Big Body
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