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FrazerJC Oct 14, 2013 @ 3:31pm
Rules of the Trading Forum
Welcome to the new Trading Forum for Team Fortress 2 trades. Please take a quick read of this post to learn a few things about this Subforum and how it should be used. Thanks!

Formatting Your Trades
When creating your trade thread, please keep the title along the lines of the example below, where [H] and [W] mean "Have" and "Want" respectively.
This helps keep a clean and tidy format across the entire Trading Forum that is easy to read.
[H] Haunted Sir Hootsalot [W] Vintage Respectless Rubber Glove

Trades Only!
This forum is for trading only. If you have any questions regarding Steam Trading, please look towards the Steam Discussions Help & Tips Forum. Any non-trading threads created will be removed.

Steam Trading Policy - No Trading of Product Keys!
Everything listed in the Steam Trading Policy still stands. This means that all trades should be conducted within the Steam trading window and no product keys should be traded.

Posting Restriction
You only get to create one thread here per 24 hours. Make sure the trade you are listing is the trade you want to advertise.
However, do not make a spammy title (for example, All Caps) or you risk having your trading thread removed or being suspended from the forum.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines
Of course, all of the Discussions Rules and Guidelines should still be followed when posting your trade thread.
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