Team Fortress 2
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How to cloak forever as a spy
작성자 Figuratively Hitler
As a spy, cloaking matters a lot. Without cloak, you're useless unless playing against a retard. This guide teaches how to use an exploit to get infinite cloak...
Say Goodbye to TF2Lag!
작성자 Winter
Hmm, have you been lagging bad? well i can help. Its quick and simple. 1. Goto Library 2.Right Click TF2 3. Click "Properties" 4. Click "Set Launch Options" 5. Copy and paste this into the box -novid -nopix -nocrashdialog -windowed -noborder -dxle...
How to get good at tf2
작성자 Festive Fat Engineer
You know how when you start tf2 you get a ghastly gibus and people call you f2ps but now you will find out how to get really good at tf2 1 tip. When you start the game try getting keys to get started off. 2 tip. When you have started off with the m...
TF2 Trading Conversions
작성자 HRPrime ♣
Trading is the biggest part of TF2. It is one of the reasons it is actually still alive today. It also has the most difficult conversions known to man. I came up with work-arounds, equations and other things that might help you find out how much an item on...
cum sa omori un heavy fara sa te faci un personaj strange
작성자 The Bonk (The Enchated)
aici va ajut cum sa omorati un heavy cu personaje slabe de pilda (scout - spy) incepem cu scout loativa un pic de schetergun ca sa aveti mult damage acum spy cu the big earnal stiti ca cand omorati cu un big erenal poti loa speed si asta va ajuta sa omorat...
_-_-КаК БЫтЬ P2P-_-_
작성자 *TeM FlaKE
_-_-не покупать нечего в магазине ман-ко, покупать только на торговой площадке стим, и получать вещи на тф март!!!! носить гибус-шапки только с одеждой на торс-_-_...
How to geit free hat
작성자 Captain Maple the Brave
In this guide i will show you legit way to get hat for freee! STEP 1 Get money STEP 2 Go community market STEP 3 Spend all da money If that didn't work heres another method that would work. Trading: Go get profit. How? You ask Scrap bank...
How To Play Scout
작성자 Jasper's better half
Hello, am Jasper and today I am teach you how to play Scout in the Team Fortress 2 the spelling mistakes are pure satire by the way, I'm only 90% serious in this. ...
making trading friends and leeching off them
작성자 butwhy
part 1 of my illegitimate guides (for all you fucks out there that think i'm that autistic that i would make this without humourous intent, you're the aut, not me) ...
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