Team Fortress 2
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Farm items in TF2 spending 20 minutes per week
Hello dear friend, if you want to have a lot of interesting things in a game like Team Fortres 2, without making hard work, then this guide is for you. We begin with the introduction to this site as This site is changing things...
작성자 Cpt. Inferno
F2Ps, they are the "Noobs"...? Or the "misunderstood"?...
How To Play TF2
Схема работы ботов в Team Fortress 2
작성자 Смайл
В этом руководстве мы с вам поговорим о всех ботах игры Team Fortress 2, а так же о Боссах игры, которые используются в качестве ботов....
How 2 Die
작성자 Racism (Battle-Scarred)
How 2 Die: Step 1:Pick any class you want to die as Step 2:Walk Towards An Enemy/Into Map Hazard Zones (Death sign next to a hole for instance or just drown in water) (Press W-A-S-D on your Keyboard to move towards them,using mouse along with it is op...
The Many Kinds of Pyros You Will Meet In Pubs
작성자 [Gah - Vin]
Here I will list the many kinds of Pyros you will meet in a pub! This guide is particularly helpful to new players, or aspiring pyro mains, but really anyone can read this and benefit. The thumbnail is supposed to be Bill Nye on fire. I don't really kn...
Bloody Fruit Shop Owners - A TF2 Guide To Sniper
작성자 Valom
If you ask most people, they would say aim is the most important thing for a Sniper, but although cakes have sugar in them, they aren't entirely made up of it. Therefore we will be discussing the sides of the class that are usually neglected....
How to main demoman.
작성자 doggs/Ss
This guide will teach you demoman tricks....
Как выйграть играя за синюю команду
작성자 [My little pony] Stuf
Играя за синих, есть простой и эффективный способ победить! Вероятность успеха увеличивается если у вас экипированы: шапокляк и очки пирозрения. Порядок действий: 1. Играйте снайпером! Чем больше снайперов в синей команде, тем больше вероятность триумфа...
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