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Simple Guide For Deathrun
par ☁Lui |: ๖Meam :|
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The Tryhard Guide: a simple guide on how to spot a Tryhard
par -W3E- Pyri.exe(DND)
Pyri Here! What's a tryhard? Why are they hated? Why do they take the game way too seriously? I bet some of you asked those questions above, right? Well, this guide will teach you the kinds of tryhards there are out there in TF2. (Picture is filler ...
Trading Tips 'n' Advice
par [PYRO]Turtle_Wizard
This is a guide to help new traders! I will show you how to avoid scammers and phishers and useful trading tips!...
How to Celebrate the First of each Month
par The Green Plumber of Fanciness
In this guide, I will show you how to celebrate the first of each month!...
How to be an proffesional at the Team of Fortress 2
par Lelleh Lilliams
Learn how the fuck to play the team of fortresses...
Basics of Spy Checking
par Light Storm
Hello, this guide should tell you the basics of countering spies. This guide will not cover how to counter specific spy weapons, it will cover the basics of what spies do to your team, what to do as different classes against different cloaks, disguises a...
how 2 opun cr8
par DarkWolf
dis is a guide 2 opn cr8s...
How To: Make Profit From Trading
par videorfeak
Does it always seem like you are gettign the bad end of the trade? Ever wonder how some people have a lot of unusuals or metal when you only have so much? Learn the philosophy of trading and use my simple chart for how to trade for profit....
How to 你好老师!
par Ribbit
In this guide I will teach you how to properly 好的 with concise, easy to follow instructions....
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