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Starting Out in TF2
par Sinister Jargon
This is very probably something you will disagree with if you've played for any length of time. But that's okay. This is just for people starting out. SO GET OUT OF HERE...
Pyro mastery 101
par Glass Bones
Want to learn to master this class? Read to find out!...
how 2 swag
par Hurf
ZE END: How to celebrate the end of october
par SomeGamer#1
A simple guide on how to properly end October with a ka-BOOM!...
Force-a-Nature Jumping on Doublecross
Now, very few people in the tf2 community have seen an effective Force-a-Nature jumper. With the advent of the Atomizer and the changes to both the Soda Popper and the Winger, it hardly seems necessary. However, this guide will teach you the basics of For...
How to get The Flare Gun!
par [NTR] Weathly Gaming
This guide will tell you about how to receive The Flare gun for the Pryo, This guide needs to have the achivement owned "Pryo Milestone 1". Once you have that, When you die if killed or sucide, It will show a image of The Flare Gun, This means, Go to pryo...
Team Fortress 2: Strategies scammers might use+how to avoid.
par UberCat
Hey! My first guide where I help you avoid scammers!...
Unusual Hat Effects
par [oG]"Pan"tinum - 湿った
Unusual Hat Effects...
Guide to Halloween servers
par [TRR-O] Damon1174
Alright, i have seen too much already, so i am going to make a guide! This is my first guide, please leave feedback! Also, if you like this guide, please join my group here --> We always like new members!...
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