Team Fortress 2
Parcourez et évaluez les guides réalisés par les joueurs pour ce jeu. Ou, créez le vôtre et partagez vos astuces avec la communauté.
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How to become rich in a year!
par SuicidalFaget
follow the steps to become rich in tf2! (I recommend buying backpack expanders first)...
A fun "new" way to play Team Fortress 2
par Dinjus #Cyka Squad
Hey People who get tired of TF2,I have got something you might like to see...
What f2ps' are doing wrong to their profile and items
par Banana ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
In 2016, more population of the f2p are playing tf2. As they did not realise they're behaviour has been disliked by the p2ps' . Why? That's why I made this guide...
The Demom8
par Arbiter
Just a simple guide to the Demoman and his weapons post Tough Break update and how to use em, and such....
Playing MVM with GOD
How to successfully play MVM with GOD. That's me, I'm GOD....
Плакат! Спрей/Текстура/Декаль
par Gans [NATO]
Делаем из плаката - плакат. Как? Добавляем текстуру бумаги и рваные края....
How NOT to play Pyro
par Ewill343
This is not a guide on how to play Pyro, but instead one to tell you what not to do and why....
VERY QUICK GUIDE on mvm kritzkrieg
par christian
i made this because im pissed at medics not using their kritz properly in mvm...
How to make a cool steam profile
par SloWolf
How to make a and cool steam profile with many details ...
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