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How To Get Australium
por Freakingmoron
Lets do this....
How to reflect: The guide
por eme
This incredible guide will teach you how to reflect like a platinum ugc fag...
Configuring Team Fortress 2 Settings for Optimal Performance
por Cloudy
Note 1 : This guide is still work in progress. Note 2 : This guide will configure Team Fortress 2's Settings and Advanced Window's Settings, so stop right instantly if you do not know what you're doing! Note 3 : This guide is only ...
Гайж по Солдату.(Для новичков)
Здраствуйте я бы хотел сделать гайд руководство по классу солдата,я уже наиграл в него 100 часов (наверно для кого то это мало а для кого то мн...
How to get a free unusual
por Mr.Coolman
Helloh today im going to show you. How to get a free unusual !!! ...
How To Get an Unusual
por Cytorrak
How to get an unusual in TF2. Really simple guide. You'll be getting unusuals in no time! Trust me,I'm an engineer ;)...
HOW TO BE TRUE MLG (tf2) xX_sniper_Xx
por wulf
just so you know, i made the main pic (i put a bunch of random stuff together and called it art) so if ur gona use it please give me credit SO, haev trooble sniping scrubs? well i know how to fix that! THIS IS MY COOL ASS GUIDE! ...
How to MvM.
por kunt notLFTcosimtooshitforone
How to MvM gudly....
Rare Hooked Snoipiss Animal
por Dr. Heinrich E. Oswald M.D.
A rare look to the newly discovered breed of Snoipiss: the Hooked Snoipiss....
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