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por goji
Recently, a new hack has been discovered. This hack will delete your account. BE CAREFUL OF IT. ...
how to make a guide that is not english
por best guy in the game mlg
How to make you look like a Not F2P player
por SpaghettiiWithJuice
This is a guide of how not to look like a complete noob for those of you who dont know this is how to be NOT a F2P player. -SpaghettiiWIthJuice....
How to increase your skill with gunslinger.
por Goldwar
Dont know how to kill everybody with gunslinger? Just read this guide and be better as Engi....
How to stop hate for people with da Gibus/F2P
por Obama Bin Laden
Hello, this guide will explain why people hate the Gibus/F2P. If you wear a Gibus or you are a F2P, then this guide should help you understand how to stop people from hating you and wanting to make you convert to the all loving Shrek....
heavy typs
por sir groovyjoel14
this is abou how the heavy should be equiped ...
How to get point as friendly hoovy
por Gotian_the_C
Hello everyone. This guide is for f2p and p2p players that want to get points as friendly hoovy (sorry no pic)...
Magyar tf2 tutorial
por mзdve a maci
egy hosszú de tartalmas videó a tf2 rejtelmeiről...
How to guard against spies
por 忍者狼
Learn how to fend off those pesky spies while still fulfilling your role in the team....
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