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how to not play TF2
por Pine Alamey
its helpful buddies...
How to fashion
por Pine Alamey
this guide will you how to be that fancy little chick magnet in TF2...
Diamondback guide
por ArrowFlint22
This is my guide on the Diamondback for TF2. We will cover its history, stats, and tactics....
Mannpower and you, a basic guide for powerups and class combinations
por Glorious Zero
Mannpower is starting to look more and more like a real fun and competitive gamemode! However a lot of people still don't understand the game mode entirely as it is. In this guide I will explain how to use the grappling hook to it's full potential and ...
Vaccinator: Underused And Underappreciated.
por Slendermane
The Vaccinator, possibly one of the single most underused and underappreciated weapons in the TF2niverse. In this guide, I go through an analysis of this weapon, and state what is gud about it....
How to Play Spy
por Mr. Gre
How to play spy....
Understanding the Disguise Kit
por Fearus
A brief but helpful guide about everything the Disguise Kit has to offer. Secret uses, interesting scripts, and a lot of other things!...
How to be a GOOD 'Micspammer' (Jukebox)
por Double Diamond
This is a guide to how to be an awesome micspammer. You might have seen me in a lobby or two micspamming certain good songs or others things. Knowing how to stay in a lobby the longest time possible and make people like you is important. Not a guide to be...
por bateddi
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