Team Fortress 2
Explora y valora las guías de los jugadores para este juego. O crea la tuya propia y comparte tus consejos con la comunidad.
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Le petit guide du troll
por n4ibed
Ce petit guide vous permettra d'enquiquiner un joueur, une équipe, voire un serveur entier sur Team Fortress 2. Enjoy !...
Obtenir la Casquette Mann Co. Online
por Reixi2525
Lorsque vous achetez un objet dans le magasin Mann Co. sur Team Fortress 2, vous obtenez la Casquette Mann Co. mais il existe une autre version de cette casquette, la Casquette Mann Co. Online ! Cette casquette peut être obtenu en achetant un objet sur l...
Гайд о ток как сделать GIF/свою картинку без фотошопа.
por Ez_lama
Руководство для тех кто не хочет качать фотошоп или другие программы для создания своих картинок или GIF....
Custom Game Modes to do in Servers!
por MrAnything01
Are you bored of the same old modes over and over again, well don't look further, in this guide i will go over some fun custom modes that me and some of my friends have came up with that work and is fun! So Enjoy!...
How to be Markiplier in TF2
por Da Moon
Here's a guide on how to make your TF2 soldier look and act like markiplier....
Guide To All The Diffrent TF2 Species
por 88timmy [DAA]
The Diffrent Species That Can Be Found Tf2...
por Kirito the Squid Kid
The Complete M.v.M Guide Vol. 4: Weapons
por Valathreon
In any battle, real or virtual, you need to be well equipped to win any fight. This Volume will show what weapons are suitable for MvM, and even provides useful combinations to maximize your effectiveness in any MvM mission....
HOW TO BEAT ANY MVM WAVE (exept for ghost town) BY YOUR SELF!
por Penguineer
[МАННевры] «Инже-мех».
por Screaming_Panda
Основной гайд по туру «Инже-мех» - разбор карт, классов, стратегии. Здесь я постараюсь наиболее полно описать, когда и что следует делать, а г...
Utiliser une raillerie rapidement
por Reixi2525
Lorsque vous souhaitez faire un Breakdance en Scout, ou encore sortir le Box Trot du Spy, vous devez passer par le menu des railleries pour les utiliser. Ce guide va vous expliquer comment utiliser vos railleries sans passer par le menu in-game, juste en ...
Team Guide-Tress 2
por [HML GR] Birthday Party Box
Team Fortress 2 is a fun game to play, unless you suck at playing. Fortunately, when you're down, Help is at hand. This guide is designed to be the guide for people who have just joined TF2 and want to learn....
Guide to the endangered species of team fortress 2
por sandwhip | ScrapTF
The list of the many endangered species of TF2, ranging from the spycrab to the turtleneer...
How to be a cool guy
por Ciomi
In this guide we will learn how to make people like you,as a player or a friend .We will go through different situations and what you should do to become a cool guy ....
Создание анимированного спрея.
por m0rg | КУПЛЮ ключи по 95 руб
Подробно расскажу, как создавать свои обычные и анимированные спреи. Данный метод подходит для многих игр на движке Source. Таких как Team Fortress 2...
Haw 2 git hitmerker at a steysionary targit
por Peridot™ S> Sexy SFM Posters
I wil tich u haw 2...
Every mandatory tip for Every Class
por spahp
Every little quirk or tidbits about each class....
"Winning The Raffle" Scam
por Floosh [Spai]
I Have Discovered This Scam Which Is Relatively New To Me And I Thought I Should Share It! Sorry If The Guide Is Too Short. :c...
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