Team Fortress 2
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Medics, Weapon Pick ups, and you!
작성자 SmashBros379Ful
With the coming of the Gunmettle update came a special new feature that came at a surprise, weapon pickups. For the first time in TF2 you can switch your weapon for one that you find on the ground from a dead opponent or teammate. What seems like a nif...
Espoinage: A Guide for Aspireing Spies
작성자 LunarusGaming
Just a few tips and tricks for playing spy! This is also my first guide, feel free to tell how I did....
Pyro Secondaries
작성자 A God's Comma
This is a guide meant to explain Pyro's secondary weaponry and how each weapon works! New and experienced players are welcome! I hope this gives some valuable information to those interested in maining Pyro....
How to be the douche of a server with engie
작성자 Evilous
This will show you how to be a douche to the enemy team...
How to Michael Rosen
This is how to be a Michael Rosen!!...
Becoming a God-tier Player!
작성자 Aferron
In this guide, I will explain to you how to achieve God-tier TF2 skills....
TF2 autoexec.cfg 作成方法(コンフィグが反映されない方用)
작성자 Monarch Monarch
wikiや他の作成方法を参照しても反映されない! そんな人用...
Competitive maps: general strategy
작성자 LFT ➈ Dé-Jà-Vu #unplugged
Competitive maps is a series of guides made to help competitive players in their games and organization. This is the second guide of the "Competitive maps" series. Previous guide: [url=
H0w to get gud on koth_suijin as demomyn
작성자 [FaZe] Nando's - M4$T3R
this guide will sh0ve y0u h0w t0 get gud 0n k0th______suijin and win le gaem as demoman...
Sound Sprays: Audible "Sprays"
작성자 Frighty
Spray sounds!...
PSA: Grave Chat
작성자 Uncle Boozy
In this PSA, I'll be proving to new and old players alike that while on Valve servers, ALIVE players cannot read what DEAD ENEMIES type....
Got any banana cream pie?
작성자 Expansion Pak
Tf2 x10 Weapon Stats
작성자 Sir. Kitty
I made this guide for you guys to know the new weapon stats in a x10 server....
Competitive maps: place names
작성자 LFT ➈ Dé-Jà-Vu #unplugged
Competitive maps is a series of guides made to help competitive players in their games and organization. This is the first guide of the "Competitive maps" series. Next guide: [url=
The Wind Waker's Guide to TF2nimals
작성자 | Wind Waker Link |
Hello! My name is Buttlet, but everyone calls me Link. I have sailed far from home in search of new lands, and found a fascinating country I call the TF2niverse. As it turns out, with a fascinating land comes even more fascinating wildlife! I since have b...
Как перезарядить оружие / How to reload
작성자 Vigi Vigi Vigi
Our group: Click Trololololo OLOLOLOLO ...
crafting weps for profit
작성자 David Bowie sama Senpai Kun
작성자 Freezy Dorito's
I give Tips and info for Friends!...
Как увеличить фпс в Team Fortress 2 ?
작성자 Pursy
Не каких танцев с бубном и все такое :V...
A Guide to The Spy's PDA Watches
작성자 (◕‿◕✿)
A comprehensive guide entailing tactics, statistics, and playstyles surrounding the 3 PDA watches available to the Spy class in Team Fortress 2. This is my first guide so please give constructive criticism!...
How To Get Free TF2 Items
작성자 ExpertGamerJohn |
This guide will show you how to get free TF2 items, DOTA 2 items, games, and more! No hack, no download, no nothing. Every method is safe (for the most part). ...
how to not suck at engineer
작성자 Noah
how to not suck at engineer? read this guide!!...
How to be taunt spy.
작성자 Nevets
Sometimes, when you're all alone, you have an urge to do something. You need someone to slap your hand or headbutt you. This is the guide for you....
How i can heal you with my "SPECIAL" medicine :3
작성자 Ellie
Hello i will show you how i will heal you with my medicine...
TF:GO How To unbox case
작성자 Uncle Normal The Difficulty Main
How to play tf2 sniper
작성자 Uncle Normal The Difficulty Main
Tf2 Sniper guide......
Scatterguns - który wybrać?
작성자 AmadeoD11
Po przeczytaniu tego poradnika poznasz wady, zalety oraz sposoby wykorzystania niemal każdej pierwszorzędnej broni dla skauta....
How to be a better pyro
작성자 Hony Bajer
Der iz on thin dat peple axe me al da tiem and dat iz how to be betr piro. Do be a betr piro u mist be apple to clik mounce Da end....
TF2 Glitched Items: Gifted Ungiftables
작성자 Toxins
This guide is part of a series on glitched items in TF2. For the purposes of these guides, the term 'glitch' will refer to an item that: Has a quality/attribute/level that is different from that normally possible; and/or Has a quality/attribute/level ...
Aiutiamo i Free to Play
작성자 Valtence | WλV3 GABEN HALP ME
Questa guida è stata creata per coloro che sono premium (e parliamo soprattutto dei cecchini che con si credono fighi facendo noscope o ridendo uccidendo un povero scout con il Ghostly Gibus o Tuba Fantasmagorica ----------------------------------------...
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