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How To Enter SwegM4ster420 Mode With a Simple Rap!
Készítette: Prettiest Tyrantrum
The SwegM4ster420's 100% legal guide to becoming a SwegM4ster420!...
Spy Guide
Készítette: ThatGuy1078
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS, STUFF IS STILL BEING ADDED AS YOU READ THIS I see lotsa gosh darn diddily dong doo newbie spies around (like 3+ a team.) The thing is, they play incorrectly/poorly. This guide should help you with so...
Dealing with tanks. (MvM Tankbuster Guide)
Készítette: Pluto
You know those tanks that deploy the bomb and make you fail? This is how to deal with them....
Fair Game, Fair Play
Készítette: Bitse
This guide is from one newbie to another when playing with other players and find yourself in a conflict situation... If anyone want's to contribute with advise to help improve the gaming experience please feel free to. ...
How to get three free cosmetic items and more!
Készítette: The Amazing Scout
A guide for getting HALLOWEEN achievements and items. Some items (like the cosmetics) have a high chance of being haunted....
My favourite loadouts
Készítette: (cat's army):D!Catgod!:D
In this guide u will learn all my ways of playing iam discluiding the heavy because i hate being that class...
The types of player on tf2center
Készítette: [smk] onlyholysmk ([mosyenary]
it shows how some people rly tick on tf2center...
Engineer Code of Conduct
Készítette: ThatAwesomeGuy7742
A guide detailing what the proper behaviour of Engineers should be. Based on what I have seen, we have a long way to go......
My own unconventional scout guide
Készítette: Migel the sloth
This guide is about my own experience as the scout, the tactics I developed for him, and the old known scout tricks from all over the community. I hope you can learn a thing or two, enhance the guide with your own tips and have some fun as the crazy runne...
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