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How To Kill Bosses(halloween 2014 edition!)
door Golden Freddy Fatbear
This guide will help you defeat all the halloween bosses in tf2 scream fortress 2014.if u are veiwing this guide from the future and more bosses have been added then check out my other guide for it because i will probly make another one if more bosses ar...
Ref prices... And how to fix them.
door QueeQuey
Refined metal has been dropping recently, I can explain why, and a possible way to fix it....
door KawaiiChao
Wanna make some money in TF2? REAL money? Then READ ME! Here, I will teach you the ways of "buy low and sell high". Keep in mind this method doesn't get you quick cash, its a monthly process. I guarantee the rewards will be worth it though!...
A Technical Guide of War
door Dioxide
Playing Team Fortress 2 since 2009, I've picked up a little bit about it. Of course, everyone has. What's different about me is that I never looked at guides or practice videos on youtube - No - these are the raw, naked spy tactics that I learned and poli...
Logical Item Combos
door Knaxajaxxen
Ever really liked a weapon, but disliked its negative attributes? This guide describes some useful item combos to reduce those bad things, and add some really deadly/useful items....
how 2 be a gud medic
door Daraen.Nope.wav
how to be a gudmedic right k the wai to play mem is too easy fraist you need to faind a greet lazer-gun so you can kaill enemys (hint: da lazer-gun killz inztanty so yuo can stay ot enamy spewn to spewn+cemp) u are invlencible so kill ev...
How to make key go back to 2.66 ref
door Portal
Lolnope u cant Today millions of hopes are broken...
Um simples guia para caras novos no TF2
door leonnnardo
Bem,esse é meu primeiro guia,mas eu ja tenho 300 e poucas horas de tf2,então eu vou aproveitar a minha experiência pra ensinar os caras novos....
What is Team Fortress Kart? - Everything Explained
door Dom
A VIDEO guide to Team Fortress Kart, the TF2 custom gamemode. Team Fortress Kart is a custom gamemode revolving around racing bumper cars....
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