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MvM Soldier - The Terminator
by Botspan
Become a terminator and nuke those robots' arses with this simple (and extremely biased) guide....
Magnum Force: A Guide for New Players
by Nacho Man
So, you’ve become interested in the best video game ever, also known as Team Fortress 2? Good for you! As an addict and fan of the game, I would like to personally welcome you aboard. This guide will assume you are new to the game and...
How to change class
by Hans |
How to change class in TF2...
Through the Fire and Flames: Fighting W+M1 Pyros
by Jingle Pyro
This is a guide aimed toward people having trouble dealing with the pesky W+M1 pyro. This guide contains all the tips and tricks needed to not only survive, but win encounters with the W+M1 pyro....
"You are all weak. You are all bleeders." - A Soldier Guide.
by Okami [AOP] S>Gold Fast L.
This is my second advanced guide, the first was the Straight Outta Control Point! - A scout guide , Be sure to check it out if you want to! This is a Soldier advanced guide, some...
TF College 102: Objectives
by Digitic
Welcome to the second TF College guide! This will be covering Objectives and their importance....
by TryHardBooty
To spot a tryhard.
by masterkiller1390
In this guide, you will be taught how to spot tryhards in FORT DEFENSE THE SECOND EDITION....
How to celebrate TF2's birthday
by Ƨoup
This guide will tell you how to celebrate TF2's on-going birthday event....
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