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Category: Gameplay Basics
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Come migliorare le proprie abilità.
by zhevor
Sei stufo di giocare sempre sui server pubblici o trade_minecraft? Sei stato fisso sulle pub per anni portando le tue armi strane a 30.000 kills ? O forse hai un inventario di 40 buds e non sai sparare neanche un razzo ? Bhe allora è arrivato il momento...
[MvM] Yet Another Medic Guide
by Swordstone
Stop jamming your medigun up the Heavy's ass and learn to heal the entire team and be a useful Medic. Let's teach you how to be a good all-round Medic, and not just in Two Cities....
How to bake scones
by Mister Meth
This guide should in a few simple steps, help you prepare the perfect scones for you and your friends...
The art of Damage Scout in MvM
by Sky Night
Getting bored of playing support Scout in MvM, throwing milk at robots, mark them and repeat? Let me introduce you to a new way of playing Scout in MvM....
How To Be A Good Pyro [Not An M1+W]
by ᴱᴱ ᶜᵒ ~̺͠͏Sekai
In this guide it will feature basically everything of how to be an okay-exceptional non-M1+W Pyro. The guide is quite full, so I don't want to repeat myself later, so there is not much to put here. Hopefully people who pass this by, will put the time into...
How to MLG Noscope peepel
by Nassu
Dis guide is on how 2 noscop peple in the but or hed or somewhr elsee kk....
How to Shoot
by CSGOtoBed
This is the advanced guide describing the step-by-step process of shooting. No more will you have to spectate other people after you die to see how they experience shooting. Recomended for beginners and veterans of Team fortress 2....
How To Become The Laughing Stock Of TF2!
by But Whole (loves you all)
How To Become The Laughing Stock Of TF2. Simple steps, simple tricks to becoming what everyone hates! INCLUDING ME....
VS Saxton Hale: The Complete Spy Guide
by gkharlakian
An in-depth guide for playing spy on VS Saxton Hale and most VSH variants....
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