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Category: Gameplay Basics
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How to get unlimited uses Vuzuela noise maker
by Blackfire62
Alright, alright! Another glitch to do! This one is REALLY disturbing and you can troll people with it!...
The Legend of the Conga Ninja (Regular Updates!)
by OneEye The Conga Ninja
There is one whom spreads the joy of conga throughout all severs, that person is the Conga ninja. Learn how to become one with the Conga here!...
How to Pyro - A Guide on How to Play Pyro
by ●ELT● | SapCinema
This is a guide on the basics of the "Pyro" class from Team Fortress 2. We go through the basics of each Pyro weapon and gameplay with them. We dive into basic pub play and good Pyro combinations, and how to carry your team. This guide is for mostly new p...
sneaky man guide
by {D.L}Peaceful Hoovy
proteshinal guide 4 the sneaky man...
hw 2 b dank playr
by Call
halo ladis n gents 2nite i tech u hw 2 b de dankest playr in de hole servr n rek skrubs al dey...
The difference between "Sentry Nests" and "Relaxo Nests"
by The Lemon Lime Ecstatic Turtle
Hello I'm the Rancho Relaxo King and I'm here to tell you about Relaxo Nests....
6s Medic! - Tips n' Trix
by starbutts were meant 2 fly
Hello friends! This guide is aiming to teach you some vital tips for a newbie on playing Medic in 6s. This guide will also contain my Medic config, if you're into that....
Uncrating the Mann Co. Audition Reel Crates
by Jimo
I will give you insight into the Mann Co. Audition Reel crates. I will give you information about how to obtain them and what you can expect to find within....
The Way of The Demorai
by KaiZeR Van WiZe™
Demorai is a warrior, who lives, fights and dies with something long forgotten - honour. ...
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