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Category: Gameplay Basics
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How To Make Medi-Kit Cake!
by disanim8or
In this "How To Make Tf2 Food Guide" I will show you how to make the health kit that appears once you equip the pyro vision googles! so put on your chef hat and grab your pan that you use to whack people with and LETS BEGIN!!!! P.S. THANK YOU SO...
How To Make edible JARATE
by disanim8or
Another popular request on my guides! Many wanted to know how to make edible jarate! so here you go! (dont worry, im not using pee.) xD...
Admin Abuser Guide: Pre-made Cheats
by [-TN-] The True Back Stabber
This is a short guide for console commands, for those who are too lazy or young to figure it out yourself....
How To Make: "BONK" atomic punch drink.
by disanim8or
Due to the success of my first guide: "How To Make Sandvich," and the large request of "how to make Bonk" i decided to make this guide!...
TF2 Sniper weapon reviews
by chrismyersphd
Hello. This guide provides breif explanations of the primary, secondary, and melee weapons of the sniper, then I rate them on a scale of one to ten. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, if you disagree with something, feel free to comment and explai...
The Beggar's Bazooka: A soldier guide for a new different playstyle
by rùinns.altaria
A simple guide for a different playstyle in public servers as the roaming soldier, replacing the stock rocket launcher with the beggar's bazooka from the regular roamer loadout. This guide will cover the basics of the playstyle and jumping style, includin...
The Guide to Crutch Weaponry
by Vallinek
This guide will tell you what can be considered a crutch weapon, as well as rating their crutchiness and overpoweredness (if there is any)....
Gefilte Fish Recipe
by Nav'Ice
Fuck you...
Как уеб*ть лещом за скаута.
by loliconadmiral
TF2 flops, fails, and just plain bad.
by That Random Breadfish
Overhyped, underdone, and just terrible mistakes Valve has made in TF2. In this guide I will be covering some of these dang awful fails....
How to TF2: An Instructional Guide on How not to be a Noob
by BOX
Are you tired of being worthless scrub? Then this guide is for you!...
Understanding Minisentry Balance
by The Snack that Smiles Back
For those silly people who actuually think it's overpowered....
how 2 make a unusual in real lief
by -CGC- CrossFire[GIGN] *BUSY*
How 2 Make a Unusual in reel lief...
how 2 be gud solider
by Namey Nameston
help you rteam WIN with thse special secrets from the pros ( me)...
How to get a unusual in 1 day (UNPATCHED)
by [ʌSʇS] Dᴀʀᴀᴇɴ
Read more....
How 2 git GUD!
by [FaCe] R3ker
Teachings passed down by ancient scholars to me. My young grasshoppers, I shall teach you ancient techniques brought to thee by relics carved in the stones....
Scream Fortress: What Is It?
by Fatal | Can't Trade For 7 Days
When looking at Scream Fortress, you may be wondering what the heck it's even about. I'm here to try and clear that up for you....
The Art Of The Fish
by _/\/\E/\/\E_ Zoidberg
A full guide on the art of the Holy Makerel (warning you do need special supplies)...
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