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Category: Gameplay Basics
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What is Arena: Respawn? - Everything Explained
by Dom
A VIDEO guide to Arena: Respawn, the TF2 server-mod. Arena: Respawn is a mod to arena mode that makes it so capturing the control point respawns all teammates....
Что такое лерп/рейты для чайников
by sheo
Далеко не все понимают зачем нужно настраивать параметры соединения с сервером в играх на движке Source. Данный гайд предназначен для того, чт...
TF2 Optimization: A full guide on modifying TF2.
by Desmond Miles
Many players don't know alot of things. What a config is, what custom HUDs and skins are, and let alone how to install them. This guide is going to change that, and show you how you can make the most out of your TF2....
Bad days, Weeks and even Months, and how to deal with them.
by xTcR | Lulzington [TF-R]
We all have those days, weeks or even months, where after awhile of doing pretty decent in the game and being a benefit to your team, you end up somehow getting stuck in a rut where you do horrible for entire rounds, sometimes for prolonged periods of tim...
how 2 hedshot
by [irl00mynarty] reekoO
in dis guid we will lern how to hedshot...
by Botspan
The slave accounts hack is probably fake
by |-BFFs-| Duckness
The server virus slave account or whatever hack is probably fake.......
How to be a Professinal Spy (For people who are new and stuff)
by Bonnie™
For those who are new to TF2 and or went offline for so long that they forgot how to play the game, I made this for reasons in helping F2Ps and or helping you remembering....
Leveling the Playing Field: A Guide to Counter-Counter Weapons
by John Caveson
Over the past 7 years, Valve has added a lot of weapons to the game. This guide will cover weapons that are designed, either intentionally or unintentionally, that help each class combat his natural counters and in what way....
In-depth Competitive Sniping Guide
by yauh
This is the outcome from being stupidly bored and having nothing to do, so enjoy. Note: I've missed a few potentially important topics, but I was too lazy to add them in. I might just do a part two though, we'll see....
Sniping in TF2: Joe Funky's Personal Guide
by Joe Funky
This is my own personal guide to being a Sniper in Team Fortress 2. Granted, this comes from my own experiences that have worked for me, so I'm sure a lot of people are gonna disagree with what I say, but eh, who cares. Either like it and try it or don't ...
Unboxing Unusuals and Trading them
by moot
A guide to efficiently unboxing unusuals and trading them. Skip halfway for just trading know-hows...
How to Shoot - Team Fortress 2 (For Mouse Users)
by Spectre
This simple guide should succesfully educate younglings and newbies to shoot their fabulous guns....
How to play freak fortress 2 (custom game mode)
by Hircine the Hunter
What to kill a shirtless guy who sells you weapons? Or do you want to kill enginieers that have a vagina mouth? Then this is the guide for you! This is a guide that will go through the basics of a custom game mode that is called freak fortress 2....
How to be Lazyneer
by Scuzzelbut [PC Broken]
Mouse 2 Exists For A Reason
by Gwabledude
For a generation of newly formed or deformed pyros whom just discovered the wonders of mouse 2. Here is a short guide on how to make good use of it. ...
True Facts About How To Play TF2 Like a Skrub - A Parody
by 100% Recycled Awesome
Are you tired of being accused of being a hacker? Are you tired of steamrolling noobs? Well, here's the guide for you: How To Play TF2 Like a Skrub! Note: This is mostly satire based on observations of new players. This is not meant to be taken ser...
How to be a good Sniper - Basics
by JK730
A guide to the basics of sniping and tactics...
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