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Class: Soldier
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How to Start Competitive!
by tFS.Breeze #lfp
Are you bored of pubstomping Valve Servers, or maybe topping leaderboards every single game? This guide is for you!...
The bait is strong in this one.(URGENT! GUIDE UPDATED)(LAST UPDATED: 18/11/2014)
by Naz0Xtreme
Another freaking phishing method to steal your account and your precious items....
How to TF2.
by Kyuu ⑨
All you need to know, really!...
A Comprehensive Guide to Offensive Classes in Team Fortress 2
by Corvo
A Guide on the Annoying Classes of TF2 Rate 5 starz pl0x m8y <3...
Guide to Friendlies 101 : Who, What, Where, When, How?
by GnC | DonutAngel 4DaysToBDay
Heya, Fellow peeps! Today, I will be talking about Friendlies and everything else about them! Have fun reading this!...
How To Make Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding!!!
by 5daystillbirthday | Zorge37
And Ima back with my 2nd new snazzy yummy guide! Inspiration from sh4e's Souffle! - Check it out!!!
How 2 Nub
by hi
This guide is made in memory of my dead possum, mike. We all loved you mike . Anyways, this guide is made to teach you guys HOW TO BE NUB . If you feel any offence while reading this guide, we fully respect your rights to have an opinio...
The Disciplinary Action - Whipping enemies into shape!
by ÜberKiller
The point of this guide is to convince you why the whip (disciplinary action) can and will be the best melee for the soldier....
Just Quickscope him, kid
by rumʰᵃᵐꜝꜝꜝ
How to handle any situation in TF2....
Animals of Tf2
by disanim8or
Hey there! Ive been playing tf2 ever since beta. and in that time, i have seen many different species of animals big and small! so today, i wish to share they joy, and take you on a safari! so buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride as we drive through th...
Какими бывают игроки в Team Fortress 2.
by I-NO
Добрый день,сегодня я попытаюсь рассказать вам,какими бывают игроки в Team Fortress 2. ...
How to fly
by S9002
This is how to fly and impress all your friends!...
A form of scamming.
by Sampai
My title picture shows a type of... I don't know what you call it? Attention whoring? Phishing? Scamming? Here's the problem. They Don't have private profiles, and they usually have comments saying "+rep good trader" Because... Well. He asks you to commen...
10 Free Taunts & Hats you Probably Might Like
by Cone Blockland
From a cap for posting on the official TF2 Wiki to a taunt you get from simply earning a replay achievement, we count down 10 FREE taunts, weapons, and hats you might like....
How to correctly use The Pan.
by [FoG] Plank Pan™
In this guide i will show you how to use The Pan, its simple! just follow these simple steps, lets get started shall we?...
wut hapnen to tftwo
by Uber Dujay
DED DED DED DED DED DED DED DED DED in 1000 years -hoovy...
tf2 sms payment with Steamcoins
by Dr. Walking Dead Dude
Welcome to a one of a kind tutorial teaching you how you can use steamcoins tf2 sms payment to get amazing items. To be able to really use the information presented in this guide, you would of course need to have a phone! Once you have that, you’re just...
All you need to know about Unused Content
by The Scout who cried Spy
This is a guide aimed to teach you what has since been removed from Team Fortress 2, Beta stuff and tons of other misc. things. These things range from all the grenades to cut weapons and hats....
Как научиться играть за солдата в TF2?
by rayc
Никак. На этом всё, спасибо за прочтение моего полезного гайда....
How To Rocket Jump
by Lamboronald
Are you bad at rocket jumping? You would like to improve but you can't find one single guide that is actually teaching you what you want to know? Do you simply want to learn starting from level 0? Don't you know how to perform a speed pogo? This is the g...
How to get unlimited items
by .:RṦG:. Sniper-In-Training
This is a guide on how to get unlimited items, Using LEGITIMATE and LEGAL methods, absolutely no hacking involved xD...
Underrated Weapons That are Good in Certain Events
by -[FF]- Thomas
This is a guide to those underrated weapons that can help in certain events....
Как полчуить бесплатно шапку в TF2?????? (ответ есть!)
by Mr.Pivo
В этом руководстве вы узнаете: Как получить шапку в...
War: Engi Vs Spy and everything you need to know to survive the war!
by ScrewySmiles122 ツ
Witch side do i pick?! How do i ready myself for the upcoming war?! Fear not small child, i'll help you pick up arms and give you tips for both sides of the war! ...
Soldier Guide
by -『DJ-Natsu』-
Hi This Is My First Guide And Im Going To Tell You How To Be A Good Soldier 1. You Do Not Need Nice Hats You Can Be A Free2play And Still Be Better Then Others. 2. Rocket Jumping Aim At Your Feet And Jump and Shot At The Ground And Use Gun Boots. You N...
TF2 Shop Guide
by That's right.
In this tutorial, we're going to take a look at how you can earn lots of items in the quickest way possible. By using the tf2 shop, you will be able to gain more keys or other items, faster than if you were to stick around with common trading. I've includ...
by =Dinovillage Owner= Edd 渡部
thiss is wHy TF22 iz stup!D...
How to sucessfully Shuffle [PART 2]
by KaptainCrazy
I made a updated version of the first one with more words n stuff! So for thoose who have been living under a rock for the past few months. Theres a crate (The Stockpile Crate) where it lets you put in a word and it gives you 4 random items so I gathered...
how to make a guide
by ✿Kawaii Dogeᴾᴮ✿
how to make a guide easy and simple...
EOTL crates are naow availabul!!!!!!!
by Spookwagon
nothing to seY just prepare to die because of new creits...
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