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How To Play the Ninjaneer
by Telgip?
A guide explaining the Ninjaneer, from the fundamental to the advanced. This will cover what the subclass is, how to play it, and how the current Engineer weapons apply to it rather than standard Engineer....
Medic: A guide to surviving on pub servers
by Λmα_
This guide is mainly aimed for newer players who would want to give a try to the tide-turning class Medic. It is covering several kinds of Medic gamestyles/tactics and giving helpful tips along the way while trying to be as clear and complete as possible....
Weapon Synergy: Weapons Working Together to Work for You
by Technomancer
Most weapons in Team Fortress 2 have upsides and downsides; with three weapons equipped at once, it is important to ensure that your loadout is not faulty. This guide will describe each weapon's strengths and weakness and explain which weapons work well w...
Top 10 TF2 x10 Loadouts
by Wheatley
This is the top 10 tf2 multiplied by 10 loadouts. I've tried to make this list as statistical as possible. Even though there is no such thing as a "best loadout". Even with this said, it is still all my opinion. If you have ever played tf2x10 then I am ne...
MvM: Dumb $#!& the Meta "Teaches" You
by CAR_
I thought I was done writing guides, but here this is. Lately, I've had my intelligence insulted a lot by low-tour players in MvM pubs. Why are low-tour players calling more experienced players "dumb," "retarded," or "an idiot?" Why did I have to look ...
Friendlyology: How to deal with Friendlies
by Molestation Mondays
Have you encountered a crouching heavy holding a sandvich and wondered why isn't that player fighting? Friendlies are peaceful players that only wish to socialize and make new friends. First glimpse of these peaceful creatures may seem odd and chances are...
(WIP) A Guide to all Secrets on Trade_Neon
by Hero™
Updated for map version 89....
Strange Levelling
by That One Dolphin™
Recently; a friend of mine asked me to write a guide on the various levels of Strange item. This is easily found on google; but I will go into more detail....
Tips and Tricks To Play Scout
by Pilbowino_
On this guide, I will be telling (if you don't already know) tips and tricks that I use to help me play Scout in the game Team Fortress 2 All photos can be found on
Calm down! It's just a game..... isn't it?
by ThatDemo64
Does that introduction image above ring any bells? It should, because at one point or another, we all have come across those people who just go past their boiling point over what appears to be a pityful reason to get upset at a first person shooter game k...