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How to have Multiple Custom Hitsounds
by Marioshi [Grampa Soldier]
Before October 2nd 2015, you were allowed to change your custom hitsound, but you couldn't have more than one. But now, all of that changed with an update, and you can have as much hitsounds as you want! In this guide, I explain to you how to do it....
[Demoman] Highland Fling Achievement
by DonSalvatore
I will explain an easy way to get the Highland Fling achievement for the Demoman....
Первый раз на MVM: Mannhattan [Rus]
by Sakura
Some idea of loadouts
by The Ped-Hoovy
Hello ! I'm sorry for my bad english (I'm french) ;( In this guide, I will show you some interesting loadouts !...
Item Qualities
by Indwelled | Invasion
In this guide, I'll be showing what the different item qualities are and how rare it is in general....
Highlander Heavy guide
by 343
An introduction and guide to playing Heavy in Highlander (9v9) for beginner and intermediate Heavies. This can also be a good reminder for veteran Heavies....
Guia para rage class
by Torrada
Guia feito para ajudar pessoas com problemas com players rage class....
The Pyro Shark
by Spectra
Everybody knows about the great Pyro Shark, but do you know their sub-species? Then this is your guide! ...
The 7 Days Of Valve
by «ae» ShadyFright
Here, we find out about the creation of our Valve. Also, we find enlightment....
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