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Understanding Steam Trading Cards
by Jimo
I will explain how to obtain and craft Steam Trading Cards. I will also explain how to use the rewards you receive from crafting them....
A simple guide on how to blacklist every single Saigns server.
by {λ³} george bush smokes kush
Saigns. We all know them and we all hate them. They foul TF2's quickplay with their 100+ servers and serve no purpose other than for the server owners to earn money through ads and pay2win donations. Welcome to chemotheraphy....
German Love: how to please your Medic
by A trained chimpanzee
People playing Medic in pubs is an all too rare occurrence. If you find yourself one the same team as one of these elusive creatures, here are a few tips on how you can encourage them and help them do well....
The Complete TF2 Trading Guide - Tips, Advice and Secrets
TRADE SECRETS. Expert trading advice and info to help safeguard your backpack, grow your collections quicker, increase your profits and become a more successful TF2 trader....
Team Service Announcement: Steam Guide Edition
by ♥Krunkidile♥
The kinda-not-really-popular SFM series, now as a Steam Guide! Instead of reading an essay explaining why you shouldn't be the fourth Sniper on your team, why not watch a 40 to 50 second, all-encompassing, over the top short video, and maybe read a brief...
Contributing Screenshots, Artwork and Videos to the Steam Community
by Jimo
I will give you instructions on how you can contribute your own screenshots, artwork and videos for your favorite games to the Steam Community....
Specialized & Professional Effects Gallery
by Sovex66
Some screen about Specialized & Professional Effects...
How to: Profit from Phishers
by Pearly Gates#No Pc internet
Every trader knows and hates Phishers. Here's how to correctly deal with them. ...
HellJumper's NEW TF2 Modeling Tutorial for the Steam Workshop (Beta Import)
by HellJumper
This is a new 3D modeling tutorial for the new TF2 beta importer. Since my old tutorial covered the basics of modeling and texturing, I will not be going into detail about those. Instead this tutorial focuses on the new beta import system. In the future I...
The Evolutionary Tree of Spies
by Digitic
This guide will cover the life of a TF2 spy and how he will change over the course of playing. You may learn a few things from this guide!...
Free Hats and Items you can earn for TF2!
by Laces115
If you have no hats or cosmetics, or would like to aquire some more, you have come to the right place! This guide will detail some easy-to-earn hats, cosmetics, and a weapon or two, all of which can be earned free (usually through achievements)....
How to make bread!
by Aʀᴍɪɴ Aʀʟᴇʀᴛ
Just a simple guide to making bread....
A simple guide to unboxing
by Crazy Cali
How to succeed in the opening of Mann Co. Supply Crates...
A Hale's Own Guide to Stranges
by ShredderZX
Recently obtained a Strange Weapon and don't know anything about it? This is a simple guide determined to show you what Stranges are and all the basics about them, as well as a little further information. (The prefix of the guide will change due to the a...
Expert's Basics for MvM
by beardoof
So, you've decided to mann up! You've been playing MVM for a while now and you want to get some items, tours or just have some challenging fun around TF2. However, you have a lot of trouble beating expert maps, even though you can beat advanced maps quite...
MvM Heavy: The Bot Bully
by Knight (formerly upsilon)
The tower of power, the train of pain, core member of the team, it's the Bot Bully. Don't feel like you mean much to your team? Let's go to bully school and we'll learn how to nearly carry a team!...
How to create beautiful screenshots using Replay
by rally
A brief guide on how to use the TF2 Replay system to create eye-catching screenshots you can upload and share on Steam....
Unusual Hat Pricing: Explained!
by demanrisu
An easy-to-understand explanation of how and why unusual hats are priced according to their effect and "tier". It hit the #1 spot on /r/TF2 and has been republished on SteamRep, so you know it's gotta be good. This guide predates the Robo...
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