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Category: Weapons
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The Art of the Caber
by LavaScript
I will guide you through the art of hitting people in the face with a bomb on a stick....
An Introductory Guide to The Dank Store
by [Dstore] Hip J
A walk through of The Dank Store with quick links to our most popular content. The Dank Store is much more than a group, or even a store. It is a service and a tool that allows users to easily find, sell, request, price check and learn about trading custo...
Fiery Guide To Medicism.
by Firestreak♥
Want to learn how to play like an actual Medic? Come, read this guide & you will be trained from the strongest! ...
"And brother, I hurt people": My all-around Scout guide.
by Szalony510
Do you need help in starting as Scout? Want to know something about him and his techniques? Well, this is great place to be! I'll try my best to show you everything I know, and help you to become a better scout.This guide will contain stuff about PVP, tea...
Afiq Jackpot
by -KnightZ-
Hello.. nama aq Muhd Afiq.. mohon korng add la aq friend.. lagistau jom kita trade barang.. nak x ?? :3 pastuh aq pon x tahu benda nih nak kene tulis panjang mana.. adoii aq main taram je la tulis benda-2 yg susah nih... rredhoo je lah... klau yg baca nih...
How to profit from black guy.
by Dubzy
An ancient nigerian technique passed down by plat demo, sammy....
Full Australium
by Proza Spy
Hello /Hi Pour obtenir une arme deja australium en full australium Dans votre console sur le jeu en partie avec votre australium en main tapez ceci mat_phong 0 ( mode normal mat_phong 1 ) -------------------------------------------------------...
The Guide to Crutch Weaponry
by Vallinek
This guide will tell you what can be considered a crutch weapon, as well as rating their crutchiness and overpoweredness (if there is any)....
How to make Scrambled-Eggs with Bacon
by The Gibus
Scrambled eggs with bacon is a delicious breakfast treat that is easy to prepare for yourself, here is how to make it!...
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