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Through the Fire and Flames: Fighting W+M1 Pyro's
by Jingle Pyro
This is a guide aimed toward people having trouble dealing with the pesky W+M1 pyro. This guide contains all the tips and tricks needed to not only survive, but win encounters with the W+M1 pyro....
Why the backburner a.k.a. the Backnoober is OP and how to counter it
by [SSF]nobody
In this guide I will show you a Video why the backnoober/burner is Op and talk about how to counter it :D...
[MvM] The Class Pocketbook
by Darx
This guide aims to cover all classes, with strengths and weakness of every class, as well as some loadout tips, and general ways to help your team or strengthen your teamwork. This guide is aimed at helping new players get a grasp of what to do, and exper...
Goat's Guide to Trading for New and Old Members!
by Goatking732
A guide for new and more experienced members to either pickup on or graize by or possibly learn new tricks to all players, depending on trading level. But we all have trading experience and either way, we have good and negatives, and negatives are good cu...
A quick guide to Soldier's various rocket launchers
by Vallinek
This guide will help beginner Soldiers understand their primary weapons better....
"You are all weak. You are all bleeders." - A Soldier Guide.
by Okami [AOP] S>Gold Fast L.
This is my second advanced guide, the first was the Straight Outta Control Point! - A scout guide , Be sure to check it out if you want to! This is a Soldier advanced guide, some...
В этом руководстве ничего нет листай дальше
by Snoopy [R.B.]
Листай дальше тебе говорят...
how 4 play scuot as a pro5ever
by Jooris
i tech u how 4 play scuot...
TF2: An Advanced Pyro Guide by Pocket™
by pocket™
This is an advanced guide to the Pyro class in Team Fortress 2. It covers aim, footwork, your role on the team, movement, flanking, and finally, your weapons. This guide will teach you everything you need to play Pyro effectively!...
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