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How 2 be pro spy
by Hans Simcock
New to TF2 or just a veteran Hat-fortress 2 Spy player? Than welcome to my guide providing my comedic view of the spy class in TF2! Now please keep in mind the game is called Team-Fortress 2 for a reason, of which the reason is because of the heavyily tea...
MvM: The Quick-Fix
by Kibby
[This is the first guide I've ever written so I hope I've written it in a way that can be understood. Please let me know if not!] The purpose of this guide is to explain how to use the Quick-Fix effectively in MvM. It is worth noting that I have only g...
Configure your TF2
by -=|Markus|=-
All you have to know about scripting, bindigs, crosshairs, configs, huds, tweaking, set-ups, how to: get more fps, record-capture videos......
TF2 Spy: A Guide on Deception (edit 28/11)
by Nervenkitzel#TeamSpy
One of the most difficult classes to master, the Spy is a class that requires a different set of skills than the other mercs. In this guide, I'll teach you the fundamentals of deceiving your opposition so that you can kill them, no matter what skill level...
Quick & Dirty MvM Soldier
by TNT
No overblown prose, just the bare essentials on how to contribute as Soldier in Mann vs. Machine. Load-out and basic strategy in two sections: one for beginners, one for the experienced....
Como hacer galletas de mantequilla [ESP]
Una guia para los que quieren aprender a cocinar muchos tipos de galletas en este caso de mantequilla....
Bunny's guide of how to counter f2p/cheap tactics:
by Sunny Bunny
Backburner pyros! Sticky spamming demos! Black Box soldiers! and more! If you are sick of encountering these f2ps who can't do anything else, or have recently encountered a player who claims to be good by using these tactics, then it's time for you to kno...
How to W+M1
by Festive Floatzel
Here I will teach you how to play as W+M1 class. It is a common misconception that pyro is a scrublord based class that takes -9/11% skill to play. But I have 2000+ Hours on TF2 and 300+ on W+M1, so unlike you I actually know what I'm doing....
Good wepons for payload matches.
by xXNeativeAmericanAssassinXx
Objectives, The reason its called Team fortress 2. You team up to cap The points. and push carts. But what if youre not geting them that much and you want more than a sash or a flamethrower. So these wepons would be fun to use and stop All negative things...
how 2 hev sweg (bye spoderman)
hi, am spodermawn. i tech u how hav sweg, ferst, u need snep bek. to get snpe bek, go to da snep bek stor. wuns u you in snep bek stor, ask snep bek store ownr to bi snep bek. but do nut fergit, you are not a faygit, so u don't pay for da snep bek, u tayk...
Team Fortress 2:The Easiest Guide Ever!
by TheSpartaGod2 [Trade]
A Complete and Simple walkthrough to the basics of TF2....
The Phlogistinator: Why it doesn't need the hate
by Glass Bones
From what I have experienced, the Phlogistinator is the punching bag for a lot of haters in the TF2 community. However, people do not seem to realize what it actually is meant to do. In this guide I will clarify any misconceptions people have of probably...
by DarkStar4018 (the gr8 m8 of f8)
DIS IS GUT GID ON FIER MON PYRO!!!!1!1!11!!!!...
The assassins creed guide
by xXNeativeAmericanAssassinXx
The fellow assassins lasted to the middle ages till today and even tempulars seems nice in history but they are the reson slavery started (what the assassins belived) so if you read this guide and swore reveng, this will be youre guide. You can be trained...
Engineer Rehberi
by Adamın Hası
Durmadan takımınızın oraya bunu koy, şuraya bunu koy demesinden bıktınız mı ? O zaman bu rehberi okuyun !!! ENGİNEER TÜRKÇE REHBER...
TF2 Guide: Know your Scout!
by 420 Nights at Scrubby's
A Simple Guide on How to Learn your Scout!! I Recommend Tal's Guide: Scout School: Lesson One: Scout 101 On How to be a Better Scout!! Thanks and Enjoy!!...
TF2 Decal Tool Editor
by ★ Dr. †Drako•Dark†
Tutorial de cómo aplicar imágenes a full color a un Manifestante Concienzudo usando TF2 Decal Tool Editor y un Decal Tool....
10 Things You (maybe) Didn't Know About Spy
by Casperr - Far Cry 4 coop anyone?
10 gameplay mechanics related to the Spy which you may not have understood -- until now!...
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