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Grenade Launchers Tatics and Ussage
by Ammy
This guide is to combat the growing problem in TF2 (IMO) of Demomen not using/utilizing their grenade launchers to the fullest extent. This includes indebt descriptions of the current Grenade Launchers ingame and a couple of my opnions on each of them So...
How 2 Not Get Rick'n'Rolled? [ADVANCED GUIDE]
by [GmT']Oberhoferツ
This pretty dank guide will show you how to avoid Rick and Rolls or avoiding getting Rick'n'Rolled [ADVANCED GUIDE] ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) theres a big empty place at the start at my screen if its the same for you just scroll down a bit :)...
How to move forward in Team Fortress 2
by Gh0ssT_
Press W The letter W is above S The letter S is above X The letter X is above Space have fun moving forward in Team Fortress 2 ...
Top 5 noob guns in TF2
by Cella |
Good evening Cella here And this is my top 5 noob guns in tf2 lets beging...
How to play Pyro
by Oooh Saucy! []
Bam. Just installed the game? "No worries, mate" is what I'm going to tell you, right here, right now. How. To. Play. Pyro. Prepare to be amazed....
Item Qualities
by Indwelled | bNE
In this guide, I'll be showing what the different item qualities are and how rare it is in general....
by Chwisabyeong
A Guide to Mannpower Beta Gamemode
by Mr.PeelzHere!
Want some Advice or Infomation about the Mannpower Beta Gamemode? Come here to this Guide and See What the Power ups do, Strategies and what Power up is the best to that Class ...
How Make Sundvich
by Piazano
A guid 2 making sandbich...
How To Use The Dead Ringer (Post Gun Mettle)
by Masckerdoom
This is a guide on how to use the Team Fortress 2 weapon the Dead Ringer after the Gun Mettle patch. This targets players who are new and people that are not too experienced with the Spy class. Learning to use the Dead Ringer is essential as it is the bes...
Scout Weapons- The Best and Why
by Keroro1454
Finally solving the problem of two-year outdated Steam forum discussions on what the best weapon is! This guide will take an in-depth look at the Scout's primary, secondary, and melee, and explain not only what the best Scout weapon is and why, but also e...
Airblasting As A Pyro
by ChickenT0night
The in's & out of airblasting as A Pyro. What can it do to help you and your team win....
Trading: Making a Successful Profit
by k wut is this
There’s a lot of TF2 trading guides out there, some are bad some are good, but what most guides forget to do is explain exactly how to trade in TF2 and how to make a profit by trading, instead other guides skips the important parts and just forget that ...
TF2 Class: Miss Pauling
by Warden Andrew
Miss Pauling is a character that has only made major appearances in "Expiration Date" and the Gun Mettle update. We don't know much about her, but I think it would be cool to see her as a class....
Jak nebýt dementem v Team Fortress 2 (základy hry)
by Kadimír IV
Jestli tohle čteš, tak jsem tě sem pravděpodobně poslal já, nebo míň pravděpodobně - našel si můj návod JAK NEBÝT DEMENTEM V TEAM FORTRESS 2 A.K.A Tipy pro bezmozky nebo nový hráče Najdeš tady základní tipy do této hry, nebo zjis...
The Pocket Effect
by spookies
An easy "what-do?" and "how-work?" for the latest and greatest Engineer sub-class!...
how to be mlg
by LordMcWizard
hey f2p scrubs 2day i will teach yall how 2 b gud an mlg...
The complete Engineer guide for locking down ctf_turbine
by Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma
The Engineer's must have handbook on how to make Turbine easy for you yet absoltuely aggrivating for the other team. We'll guide you on how to be the true overlord of ctf_turbine. You'll make those those bonk-capping scouts mad. That's always nice. [Image...
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