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Лайк плз
by Mabel™
Ставь лайк!...
-How to become a Good Spy in TF2-
by Dando™ #ChibaiLanchiao
Hello guys EpicDerpyPlaya #DerpGodz here, today i will tell you Tips and Tricks for the 9th class Spy, please give a thumbs up, comments and follow me to get more Tips and Tricks for other classes and other games, it would be much appreciated :D...
An In Depth Guide On How To Play Every Class In Competitive
by Dr. Vakito
Have you ever wanted to get into competitive matchmaking and get all the winning money and ѕhag all the hoes? Do people in the server chat keep telling you to git gud but no matter how hard you try, they have always gitted a little bit gudder. Are your fri...
by colon
Для реальных пацанов, кто хочет научиться довольно быстро научиться джумпать за демо. ...
How to have all the Cosmetics & Hats.
by Sir Adolph Hitler
Just Buy it....
How 2 be a proffesional toy maker in tf2
by Go eat a salad!
Hello,I am back from ze deadddddddddddddddd. Moving on,have you ever had so much ping in your game??? *ping intensifies Have you always just been sooo freakin bad at a game that you thought to yourself: "Hey,how about I stop des...
Your Unhealthy Obsession
by Space Bird
Hello! You might have a Unhealthy Obsession if you read this. I don't mean you'll GET one, but this is to help you get rid of one....
how to run
by jhoony noxvill
here is how to run in tf2...
How To Use The Gunslinger Properly
by Tomdroid
I have noticed lots of engies who arent't using the Gunslinger for its intended purpose. This guide will tell you how!...
-How to become a Good Engineer in TF2-
by Dando™ #ChibaiLanchiao
This guide will Help the Living struggle out of you, this is my Tips and Tricks of becoming a Good Engineer Follow me to see more Tips and Tricks for other Classes for TF2 and do Join my Group: Ze Derpies to show appreciation :D...
The Official Wikipedia Of TF2 Species
by Invictus | -=UBA=-
People have wandered around the Badlands seeing many strange and unusual things. Some of the things are actually TF2 species. Have you encountered these strange creatures? If so, which ones? Don't know? Well you came to the right place! This guide will be ...
Useless/Troll Loadouts 1: Selfish Medic
by Delusions of Grandeur
Tired of slaving away as medic to keep your team alive? In 3 minutes, Kluless Pixels shows you how to utterly ignore them and accidentally destroy the opposition! I've got many ideas for more Useless/Troll loadouts including the Dispengineer and the Scol...
How to play as a pyro
by dsnlkcvo
Today, I show you how to play as a pyro....
The Medic : The Basics
by {$_Fy} Epicdudeguy's dad
This guide is my personal view of how to play medic, please give your suggestions and feedback in the comments :3...
types of heavy
by bebok G.E.W.P.
Hello, in this guide I will show you what types of heavys play tf2....
Noob map bonus easter egg
by ♛Russian ace god♛
I found a cool easter egg,read the guide!...
How To Be A Dісk
by Dr. Vakito
Bored playing TF2? Want to do something hilarious that everyone will hate you for? Good, let's go....
Fantasy Fortress 2---Venom
by Hot Face And Cold Butt
An introduction of Venom,the role from FF2,written by Dr.Hydra...
How To Counter Phlogistinator Pyros
by Walmart Customer Service
In this guide, you will learn of ways to counter Pyros with the Phlogistinator as any class. (Rights to the picture go to
How to Watch Daredevil on Netflix
by jelly
1. Head to 2. Log In or Sign Up 3. Browse for Daredevil 4. Click Play 5. Binge Watch Season 1 6. Realize Season 2 is in 3 months 7. Cry 8. Watch Jessica Jones 9. Wait...
S.P.A.R.T.A - Become a Spartan Saviour today! Save endangered animals!
by Ocelot
A quick introduction to the Society for the Protection And Rescue of TF2 Animals!...
How To Not Be A F2P
by ??
so you Do not want to be a free to play. Will I'm going to help you how to not be a free to play. well first of all don't wear gibus hat,if you wear it you will be a free to play. you can wear different hats. just don't wear a gibus hat. Ok First. Step 1.w...
How to deal with a phlogistinator
by King Weeaboo Furfag
In this guide I will teach you how to deal with a typical "Phlogistinator pyro"...
Yes To Escrow! A guide on why escrow is good!
by Knight Xavier Rossinkoff III
In light of recent comments surrounding how the Steam escrow may be GOOD commented on my popular anti-escrow guide (which got over 1,000 views! Thanks guys!), I decided to even the argument out and create this guide for all the devil's advocates who have b...
Metal Giant and skibidy's Dictionary O' Terms
by Admiral Metal Giant
Ello random people who came to read dis guide. To be honest, its not really a guide. Its jus a bunch of random crap that me and meh friend skibidy say. So if you're here to acually learn something about "achievments" or "gameplay basics" or whatever game ...
A crazy theory
by Toasty
A crazy theory about the TF2's medic...
Countering the Phlogistinator, a class by class guide
by Castellanus Pendergast 小馬
A guide on how to deal with phlogistinator pyro's as each class, the phlogistinator is strong, but by no means unbeatable. This guide lists the tactics / loadout you can use to beat that W+M1 menace, the Phlog-pyro....
Guide for beginers Medic
by -=/THL\=-MKTO
Medic is THE most important class in competitive play. The medic is the centerpoint of all teams. The medic is the sacred player. In any instance where the medic is in danger, the team HAS to protect the medic. Why is the medic so important? Its because th...
ОБР: Дас Хандбюх фюр ден Анфянгер Арцт
by Stempunk the Awesome
Das Handbuch für den Anfänger Arzt (нем.) - Руководство для начинающих медиков. Как вы возможно уже поняли, сегодня речь пойдет об основах игры за медика. Приятного чтения!...
Как пополнить кошелек Steam через Qiwi меньше чем на 150р
by Vend l Ключи за Реал
1.Доступным языком разберем такие вопросы как пополнить киви кошелек через Qiwi. 2.Разберем такой вопрос как пополнить Steam меньше чем на 150р....
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