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HOW 2 GET FREE P2P HATS( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by Алинка:)
DIS GUIDE WILL TEACH U,HOW 2 GET FREE P2P HATS EVERY DAY!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1) Launch Team Fortress 2. 2) Open your inventory. 3) Close your inventory. 4) Punch youself in a face... 5) Open your window. 6) Laugh "LORD GABEN,GIMME FREE P2P HATS!!...
Engie guide for MvM
by Fightless
how 2 be gud...
by Dr. Vakito
"An excellent guide"...
How to Not Be Trash at Engineer
by asgore is so fucking hard
So you want to play the engineer class, eh? And you're getting absolutely dominated by plat-tier sticky spamming demos on pubs too? And you keep getting slaughtered by 15 spies at the same time? Well, look no further gentlemen; this guide is for you....
Sniper Weapons (Community made guide)
by The Crazed Buttstaber
Top of the morning to ya' laddies. Oh wait, thats irish... Good morning to you sirs. Wait, thats british... G'day to ya' all ! Wait, isnt he from New Zeland now? Doesnt matter, just here to say to check my sniper guide about his weapons. A guide where you ...
type's of pyro's
by [PL]PapyrusTheTroller[G.E.W.P]
today we're gonna talk about type's of "pyro"...
Наслаждение мвм от [МаннКо]Максека
by [DFS]Sakura
Это руководство поможет вам насладиться игрой (MvM)! К сожелению не всем оно поможет потомучто сразу налетят тупорылые школьники которые умнее меня наверное и наверное 18-летние неадекваты (Нормальные поцаны это которые любят наслаждаться игрой а не орать ...
new tf2 animals
by engieneer co. robot
hello all you tf2 players from baby-steps to badlands vetrans this may or my not be new to you i cant promise that these new ones werent already done so anyway lets go and enjoy...
How 2 be gud at tfc2
by Loard_MRS.FILL
so u wantz 2 be gud? read dis guide and find out. pls leik and dis guide. 4every 1 liek, i wont molest poar homeless child. ...
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