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Average Types of Scouts
by Flame Buster
Tells you about the average types of scouts!...
how to not be a rainbowdash anthony
by kawaii-weebchan
Step 1. don't be a dumbass Step 2. Stay in school Step 3. DON'T LIE ABOUT HOW LONG YOU'VE BEEN ON TF2 Step 4. Proper Grammer Step 5. Don't lie about you're age...
Scout - A guide on how to be the guy who can dodge almost anything thrown at him.
by AigerBot |
In this guide i'll teach you how to play Scout!...
How to: Remove Gun Mettle Servers from Server List
by AlphaMerch
Tired of seeing the hundreds of Gun Mettle servers? I will quickly show you how you can exclude them from your search....
Как стать ЖИЖЕЙ
how to rape ears
by Vintage
rape someones ear...
The species of Bunny Co. Hightower: Part I, The Scouts
by Hash Brown
Hightower. A map of diversity, freedom, and no capping allowed... In this intricate guide, I will explain the many oddities and horrors of Bunny Co. Warning: The species presented in this guide may only be able to be found most commonly at Bunny Co. a...
How to do things in Tf2.
by {ᵃᶢᶢᶜ} Connor_The_Gamer
I made this guide because I was bored and I thought to myself "Hey, maybe I could make a guide that would tell people how to do stuff in Team Fortress 2" So yeah... now this guide's a thing. I'll tell you about the game and how to do stuff in it. You w...
How to be good at heavy
by The Evil Potato Lord
Engineer (AutoBot)
by Ferni (っ゚ω゚)っ
Lo unico que tienes que hacer es: Poner el "Dispensador" detras de ti y luego la "Sentry" adelante. usar el "Melee" y en "Console" poner lo siguiente: +attack +duck esto funciona para cuidar ductos o pasillos....
How to play sniper
by Kidrandom
3 part guide that will make you better at sniping...
Engineer Weaponry Post-Gunmettle
by FloomRide
A concise but informative giude explaining in detail all changes to the Engineer's arsenal and what they mean in gameplay....
How to play Sniper
by Dex
An in-depth guide on how to play the Sniper class in Team Fortress 2....
how 2 annoying skout
by Fanorama
today you will learn how to be an annoying skout. thats right, an annoying skout...
How to be MLG at tf2
by Patate Soda
This guide is how to be a good player (or a MLG) at Team Fortress 2, this guide is only for p2p's,not f2p's because im racist....
Spy's Guide to Being a Spy!
by ThatoneGuy {[Unusual Hunter]}
Greetings, I am the Spy, from Team Fortress 2. I will teach you the ways of the Spy, and soon you will become like me! I am the one who killed that wretched Sniper you know!...
Demorai: The Guide
by Chumbucket
The guide nobody asked for. A complete guide on how to play the Demorai Loadout. Pic by moogly96....
Engineer Loadout Combos
by Daffodil
Hello! My Name is Daffo and I am an Engineer main. I always have loved to see new Engineer Cosmetics being released, since they all look awesome to me. So I got the idea by a friend of mine who did a similar Guide but only for Heavy.You can see it [url=h...
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