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What is Sandbox (the gamemode)? - Everything Explained
by Dom
A VIDEO guide to Sandbox, the TF2 mod-gamemode. Sandbox is a mod about building things and messing around with the source engine (like Garry's mod) within Team Fortress 2....
Cry Baby (A guide to the baby face blaster
by {♠ẞEᴸԌ} вεʟɢıαп ρяσвʟεм™
Wanna start owning with the baby face? wanna know WHY it's possibly the best scout weapon? Then read this!...
(MvM) How to Deal with Bigrock Robot Engineers.
by Ruxik Niemand
Hello and this is my first guide about something simple yet quite hard to do when theres hundreds of robots around. Now this will only cover the Robot Engineers that appear in the map Bigrock. Which will include how to take down a engie as almost any cla...
How to get hats
by sp00ky sc4ry sk3L3T0N
In this guide, I teach you how to get hats....
The Dragon: A Complete Guide to the Pyro by Milk Hater
by Butters Scotch (Milk Hater)
While playing Pyro, were you ver dominated by a Heavy? Once I was too. This went on for a while. And it sucked. Then I got better, and burned that Russian motherf*cker alive. Then I saw a lot of Pyros who had my same struggles. So, after a few weeks of wa...
How to unbox unusual
by Toonshadow
This guide will show you the art of unboxing unusuals in Tf2....
How to be PRO at TF2
by Ritsuko Kitahara
This guide will help you to be PRO at TF2 ! YES ! PRO !!! That means you can spawn camp and beat people in their on spawn and ruin the game !! YES AS YOU WISHED ! Now come on with my in a long trip of learning...
by manosg7
MVM Fan O' War/Scouts.
by ViolentEmail #strats
This guide will talk about how to be a Good Scout in MVM and the Fan O' War included....
How to be a troll
by nitkovonema -TCG-
This guide will show you how to become the friend and foe of many players of ANY GAME or site....
Melee and You: The Honor System
by Minty
So, you see someone approach you with their fists readied up and ready to punch/stab/beat you to death, even though they're on low health. So why do people do this? Because it's a last ditch attempt at their survival. Here is a guide on how to respect the...
How to shoot your gun in TF2
by jayster
This guide will teach you how to shoot a gun. yay...
Play ball!: A guide to the sandman
by >{GHS}< ♪Tide♪
This is a guide on using one of my favorite weapons, the sandman....
A snipers guide to sniping.
by Ryujin
This is a guide about the sniper in TF2 hopefully this will help some of the new players, or people who have just not tried sniper before....
Mentlegen vs Machine: a Guide to Spy
by Dakota
This guide should help you out a bit on mvm, mentlegen. [image courtesy of Amasa]...
how 2 be mlg pro 420 the squel
by used 1985 gmc safari for sale
How to be the most liked kid on TF2
by Diesel
You will be the most liked kid in TF2 and all thge adults will respect you and wont call you a squeaking little shit anymore....
How to class selection
by spooky
This guide covers every class, their strengths and their weaknesses in TF2....
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