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Mr / Mrs Pyro Information
by Mr. Spyfie ™
Hello there everybody...maybe it's a long time before I did this IDP called the 'Pyro Information'...Well...for TF2 players..there know what is next of the Soldier...Somebody Guess rite...The (Mr/Mrs) Pyro. This Character are full of myth..nobody knows wh...
How to profit from black guy.
by Dubzy
An ancient nigerian technique passed down by plat demo, sammy....
How to get 7 free Steam game keys
by BOOTIFUL DUK IS DA BEST Go to the above nazi website. Register. Stick your d!kc in your ear. And hope the nazis won't kill you....
The weird and wonderful animals of TF2
by [IndieGo] Safari Sniper
Hello Mates! This guide will tell you of the weird and wonderful animals that roam all of TF2! This guide is a new, revamped version of disanim8r's guide to tf2 animals. All rights go to him and his amazing work!...
How to make Scrambled-Eggs with Bacon
by The Gibus
Scrambled eggs with bacon is a delicious breakfast treat that is easy to prepare for yourself, here is how to make it!...
how 2 be gud solider
by Namey Nameston
help you rteam WIN with thse special secrets from the pros ( me)...
How To: Become a true OP demoknight!
by SKY™
Ever wonder how to become a demoknight at using a charge and targe/ splendid screen and any melee weapon. Well your in the right place!! * Practice at a Map that only uses melee weapons! ( Maps such as custom maps, Or cpt_degrootkeep, that map is a mele...
Klasy dostępne w grze
by PolskiKoper(foch)
"GET OVER HERE!" Ninjaneering With the Rescue Ranger
I ask you, what kind of Engineer are you? Are you a Zombie Engineer, who builds a Level 3 Sentry Gun right outside your spawn exit and spends the whole 9-minute round whacking it with your wrench? Or maybe you're the kind of Engineer who only finds margin...
Becoming a Cuboid
All you need to know about how to become a cuboid and join the clan, Colour Cuboids. Table of contents are on the right hand side, scroll down if you do not see it. Click on the title you want to lead you to that section of the guide...
THE VIRUS UPDATE (Timeline Guide)
by [STSH] DJ Electro
This is for The Virus Update, an update me and my friend are working on. This is NOT a guide, but rather news about the Update....
How to get Hat
by 김너티
Sometimes we need hats.So how can we get the hat?? Here is the guide for you....
How to make a unusual without hax
by AlexTheNut [Lazy] [Anti-Brony]
Hi it's my first guide he is about to have a unusual very easily without any stupid hack...
Valve is obviously listening to us.
by >mfw doggy denchers
Valve is off making Source 2 to make the game better. Even so, look at all the things they have done for us....
how 2 make a unusual in real lief
by -CGC- CrossFire[GIGN] *BUSY*
How 2 Make a Unusual in reel lief...
How To Bonk Medic
by KonaKona
Want to crush your enemies and their defenses as the class they'd least expect to do so? Look no further....
Tf2 zoo
by ☠Dirty_Socks☠
A guide for all the species of the tf2 universe. The original picture of this guide is here
How to Unusual
by arraysebn
In this guide I will teach you how to unusual. Thanks, and have fun with your unusuals....
TF2 Sniper weapon reviews
by chrismyersphd
Hello. This guide provides breif explanations of the primary, secondary, and melee weapons of the sniper, then I rate them on a scale of one to ten. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, if you disagree with something, feel free to comment and explai...
How to make Crit-a-Cola
by The Snazzy Spycrab®
How to make Crit-a-Cola!...
How To Make Medi-Kit Cake!
by disanim8or
In this "How To Make Tf2 Food Guide" I will show you how to make the health kit that appears once you equip the pyro vision googles! so put on your chef hat and grab your pan that you use to whack people with and LETS BEGIN!!!! P.S. THANK YOU SO...
why u should love gumball
by kyorotomi
it is 5 reasons why u should love the amazing world of gumball and tf2 fans should watch it...
Gefilte Fish Recipe
by Nav'Ice
Fuck you...
TF2: The Correct Way To Scout
by xTcR | JenTheKat [TF-M]
So, you are asking yourself."Correct way?", Heavy: "YES Correct way Baby!!!" The Way To Play Scout Is Many Ways Here's Two Ways To Play Scout Correctly, Meatshot King Scout = ScatterGun, Mad Milk, Atomiser. Gameplay:
TF2 flops, fails, and just plain bad.
by That Random Breadfish
Overhyped, underdone, and just terrible mistakes Valve has made in TF2. In this guide I will be covering some of these dang awful fails....
Totally Real Guide
by [CLC-Owner] TonytheTalkingClock
An amazingly helpful guide for all players....
How to troll spy-checking
by What am i doin on TF2
Are you tired of being killed meanwhile being spy-checked by engineers and pyros? Are you tired of running around snipers and trying to make it work your China made Dead Ringer? (Okay, thats not here on this tutorial) Then welcome to the guide to troll ...
TF2 Spy Guide
by A Cold Lemonade
This class is not recommended for new players, but I'll try to explain it a bit....
5 Ways To Professional Sniper!
by Dovah Golrosik
1- Dont Panic 2-Look The Head 3-Shoot The Head 4-Kill Spies When they your back 5-Kill Scouts on the head GG YOU ARE PROFESSIONAL SNIPER!...
How To Make edible JARATE
by disanim8or
Another popular request on my guides! Many wanted to know how to make edible jarate! so here you go! (dont worry, im not using pee.) xD...
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