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How To Detect Enemy Spy
by Shayla ˡᵒˡ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ
This is my first Team Fortress 2 guide based on how to detect an enemy spy. This is still updating just busy at the moment so won't be able to do any updates right now....
how to get free keys
you save up or buy it from the store...
Soda popper vs Scattergun
by { Princess Heinrike }
Having trouble on whether the soda popper is a good alternative to the scattergun? Then this guide is for you!...
TF2- Types of Traders
by spooky1
Hey. You're probably clicking on this guide. Oh, wait....
Why you should use the Natascha
by [TST] Tyrant <3 Dan Avidan
Several good reasons why the Natascha isnt as bad as people put it out to be....
Three Dimensional Thinking: The MVM Demoknight
by FireTrickster
Demoknight, MVM? BLATPHOMY! Or is it? Maybe you'll find that there's more than meets the Eye....Lander....
Engineer, The Team's Backbone
by Sushi No Kenshin
Do you want to play Engineer so bad but you don't have any idea how? Well, look no further! This guide is perfectly made for you! this guide will cover the basics of engineer, and a little protips, Enjoy...
A Guide To Alternative TF2 Playstyles - THE SEQUEL (regular updates, just as before)
by CombustableLemons
The ever-popular guide is back! We will be taking you through another wide array of ways to play tf2, this guide is more updated and contains implements from changes in TF2....
Intended Weapon Uses
by Digitic
Many weapons are seen as useless or underpowered in Team Fortress 2, but in reality, we have just misunderstood their purpose. This is a guide to explain the most effective uses of these weapons or detail possible uses that may be more effective than the ...
How to Shoot
by [TFJL] Epicman57
How to Level Up Stranges FAST!
Have you ever wanted to level up your stranges quickly? Have you ever been on a strange level up server but someone is hogging all the kills? This guide will teach you how to upgrade stranges all by yourself, hastle-free!...
How To Be A Tryhard
by Professor Jeff Stein
1. Equip your 420YoloNoScopingSnipahO'Doom 2.Kill a congaer 3.Kill a spycrab 4. Get killed by another tryhard and them call them a tryhard 5. Equip your 420SwegHacksO'Hacker 6. Get banned 7. Report the server for having corrupt admins ...
by Squizznค็็็็็็็rლ(◕‿‿◕ლ)
lol a how 2 git gud scrub guyd lol AKA Mey-Mey's guyd....
how to be good at tf2
by the e man (⌐■_■)
f2ps ewwww...
[How to] Get the Haunted Metal Scrap - Easy without Cheats
by Yuzke
This is the best way to get the achievements: Sleepy Holl0WND (Kill the Horseless Headless Horsemann) & Gored! (Collect the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Haunted Metal Scrap). The Haunted Metal Scrap is useful to craft:
How to do the infinite heavy shooting glitch
by Duderock™
Note that this is the first guide I have ever made and I just wanted to explain a funny glitch in the game that doesn't include abusing anything just something you can do for fun if you feel like it. So lets get to the basics. What does this glitch do? It...
Soldier the Musician: A guide for the Buff Banner, the Battalion's Backup, and the Concheror
by thebluehydra
As well as being a war-crazed psychopath with a slight obsession for the word "maggots", Soldier has access to a few trumpets, all of which help his team out in seperate ways. But where/when is the best time to use them? How do they fair against each othe...
How to a rocket jumping man with the wahhhhhh
by XxdoublesuperstealthmanxX
Hey m8 wanna turn for guy who isnt jumping with gun rockets to guy you sea on tellivision at mlg live rocket jumping display? Well dude dis guide iz 4 u! ...
Comprehensive Spy Guide
by bfl`DarkNecrid
Fully detailed Spy guide covering pub & higher level Highlander play....
How to not catch Ebola
by Batjack
This is a professional guide on how to NOT catch Ebola. By following this you will most likely not be bleeding from every orafice by christmas. Enjoy!...
A collection of loadouts - Scout
by [Slimers] evilmegasteve
This is a guide about some effective loadouts of the Scout....
The Saharan Spy
by FlyingSharkFin
Are you having trouble getting your first backstab with Your Eternal Reward, well this guide will show you how to dominate the enemy with Sarharan spy set. ...
how to be a solder and rocket jump
by [Gamers]amontazeri123
this guide will teach you how to use your trusty rocket launcher to attack enimees(grammer)and rocket jump it may sound easy but its harder than you think...
Stop That Tank! Your RED TEAM Strategy guide!
by Siggy'sTundra
Your very own strategy guide to Stop That Tank!...
Pointy Tip Goes to The Head: A Huntsman Guide
by [quiet] jersh_
Due to the death threa- um, I mean, love for my last guide, I've decided to make another! Todays topic will be on properly using the huntsman, prediction and last but not least ; being a dick with taunt kills....
how to sentry sniper
by xXSunquad99 [noobless F2P]Xx
as an enginer you can camp and just lay youre butt on the ranco relaxo or you can be active and use the gunslinger but what if youre a enginer who wants to snipe but cant cause he has no rifle (besides the shotgun) so if you want to sentry snipe then keep...
TF2 Loadouts
by P-ing Mario
In this guide,i suggest u to use guns is your tf2 loadout. (attention:U dont have to use the loadout what this guide says.Make your own choice buddy.)...
A Critical Guide
by ♫ Arenas Heater™ ッ
-=A how to guide to kill players/bots(MvM) easily using Items that crit=- Enjoy :3 Also if you didn't see spy items, it's because I don't there are any except the Ambassador P.s inform me if I missed anything and I will arrange or remove it than...
The Sharpend Volcano Fragment: Not as useless as it is portrayed
by Pickaxe44
"This Weapon Makes No Sense" is the usual cry whenever this Axe is mentioned in the forums, In discussions, Even on Youtube. The Sharpened Volcano fragment is always shown as the weapon for players with F2P rining in their ears after escaping from a map r...
How to be Heavy and like it.
by ◆Gray◆
1. Call medic constantly. 2. Have medic heal you. 3. Hold down M1. 4. Shoot them low-lives....
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