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Class: Soldier
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Triple I's Class Guide: Offensive (Part Uno)
by Ink Incorporated Incorporation
YO YO YO! What's up, homies? It's ya boy, Ink Incorporated Incorporation, III, Ink Inc. Inc., Roman 3, Triple I, whatever the hell you wanna call me with a simple class guide. This guide will go over the stock weapons of the classes, what the class is abo...
An Introductory Guide to The Dank Store
by [Dstore] Hip J
A walk through of The Dank Store with quick links to our most popular content. The Dank Store is much more than a group, or even a store. It is a service and a tool that allows users to easily find, sell, request, price check and learn about trading custo...
Guia de Como Hacer un salto con cohete
by Danny Villarroel
Primero que todo, tienes que mirar con tu Cohete o Cualquier otro tipo que tengas hacia anajo, luego presionas: "ctrl+w+espacio": al mismo tiempo, obviamente cuando saltes tiras ti misil hacia abajo, despues, cuando estes en el aire (arriba) presionas "w...
How to vote for items properly!
by Sunspecies
Instead of putting "Valve, please add this item!" Rate up, and favourite the item. That way it shows people are genuinely interested not just spam comments. ...
Soldier in MvM
by [MG]Creep12
Learn to take out swarming enemies and blast away the bomb with this guide to the Soldier in MvM!...
How to idle (bots and strange)
by Silver White Bunny
STEP 1. Join a server that is called something like 24/7 idle or careless community or something like that. STEP 2. then when you join pick a class then stay still and after a cuple of hours you may get some items! This is my first guide but its just a mi...
Afiq Jackpot
by -KnightZ-
Hello.. nama aq Muhd Afiq.. mohon korng add la aq friend.. lagistau jom kita trade barang.. nak x ?? :3 pastuh aq pon x tahu benda nih nak kene tulis panjang mana.. adoii aq main taram je la tulis benda-2 yg susah nih... rredhoo je lah... klau yg baca nih...
The weird and wonderful animals of TF2
by [IndieGo] Experiment #482
Hello Mates! This guide will tell you of the weird and wonderful animals that roam all of TF2! This guide is a new, revamped version of disanim8r's guide to tf2 animals. All rights go to him and his amazing work!...
Full Australium
by Proza Spy
Hello /Hi Pour obtenir une arme deja australium en full australium Dans votre console sur le jeu en partie avec votre australium en main tapez ceci mat_phong 0 ( mode normal mat_phong 1 ) -------------------------------------------------------...
The Guide to Crutch Weaponry
by Vallinek
This guide will tell you what can be considered a crutch weapon, as well as rating their crutchiness and overpoweredness (if there is any)....
how 2 be gud solider
by Namey Nameston
help you rteam WIN with thse special secrets from the pros ( me)...
Start Crafting Melee Weapons For Sniper (Tf2 Life Hack)
by |CsT| Legalize Gay Marijuana
Want a Ham Shank but are too lazy to buy it, you should have a good chance getting one if you craft a melee weapon with sniper. Same thing applies to any other multi-class melee weapon you want to have....
Klasy dostępne w grze
by PolskiKoper(foch)
THE VIRUS UPDATE (Timeline Guide)
by [STSH] DJ Electro
This is for The Virus Update, an update me and my friend are working on. This is NOT a guide, but rather news about the Update....
How To Random Crit
by Cipi
In this guide you'll learn how to shoot random crits to pwn all nubs in pubs m8....
How to get Hat
by 김너티
Sometimes we need hats.So how can we get the hat?? Here is the guide for you....
The guide to true happiness.
by Dr. Skarled Spoder PhD
This is a guide to true happiness, and better living....
How to make a unusual without hax
by AlexTheNut [I hate pony fanarts]
Hi it's my first guide he is about to have a unusual very easily without any stupid hack...
Débloquer les succès très rapidement !?- FR
by Fouka
Je vais vous apprendre à cracker tous les succès sur TOUS les jeux steam :) - Passible de ban, MAIS j'ai une technique pour ne pas se faire bannir du jeu par la VAC - Marche avec tous les jeux : TF2, COD, L4D2, GoatSimulator ......
how to NOT make a "how to make" guide
by ☢☣ Buttery Vengeance ☣☢
title says it all...
how to be survive the winter as a duck
by Winter Ducky
This guide will show u how to survive winter as a duck,like me....
A Complete Guide About The Balloonicorn
by MajorWorm Selling Weps For Any
The Balloonicorn A Beautiful Little Unicorn Pomt Up Like A Balloon It Follows You Everywhere Wherever You Go The Fun Fact Is That It's The Mayor Of Pyroland...
How 2 git GUD!
by [FaCe] R3ker
Teachings passed down by ancient scholars to me. My young grasshoppers, I shall teach you ancient techniques brought to thee by relics carved in the stones....
How to make TF2 a better experience
by Wraxsyn |
hud_saytext_time 0 ...
A guide to rocket jumping (and sticky jumping)!
I will teach you how to rocket jump (and sticky jump) in no time!...
The Beggar's Bazooka: A soldier guide for a new different playstyle
by i hate my graphics card
A simple guide for a different playstyle in public servers as the roaming soldier, replacing the stock rocket launcher with the beggar's bazooka from the regular roamer loadout. This guide will cover the basics of the playstyle and jumping style, includin...
Tf2 zoo
by ☠Dirty_Socks☠
A guide for all the species of the tf2 universe. The original picture of this guide is here
How to Unusual
by arraysebn
In this guide I will teach you how to unusual. Thanks, and have fun with your unusuals....
Avoiding TF2 Bullies
by <X> JujuScott124
TF2 Bully problems? Read this guide. Please, no negative comments, this actually has to do with the game, any negative comments from ANYONE, or the 2 main in specific, will be deleted asap....
How To Make Medi-Kit Cake!
by disanim8or
In this "How To Make Tf2 Food Guide" I will show you how to make the health kit that appears once you equip the pyro vision googles! so put on your chef hat and grab your pan that you use to whack people with and LETS BEGIN!!!! P.S. THANK YOU SO...
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