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How to have fun on a Mann up server.
by imarben007
The most important thing about Mann up servers. HAVING FUN!...
The Classic: Actually -NOT- A Steaming Lump of Dog Feces, After All
The Classic. Everybody hates this weapon, and almost nobody uses it - for good reasons, too. However, after some fiddling around with it, I've found that this otherwise terrible weapon actually has a lot of subtle, useful benefits that are not clearly def...
How to: be a feggit
by The Militant Homo
Kick people who don't play according to your rules. Especially if they're better than you....
I'm Depressed Please Help
by Captain Toad
I'm depressed I need help, please....
How to neonheights
by Epic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This is a guide meant to help people understand what you should do while in a neonheight's server...
A guide to rocket jumping (and sticky jumping)!
I will teach you how to rocket jump (and sticky jump) in no time!...
The Beggar's Bazooka: A soldier guide for a new different playstyle
by need cheap spec ks weps
A simple guide for a different playstyle in public servers as the roaming soldier, replacing the stock rocket launcher with the beggar's bazooka from the regular roamer loadout. This guide will cover the basics of the playstyle and jumping style, includin...
How to Avoid Trading with a Marked Scammer or Scammer Alt
by ForteSP
This guide will teach you what could happen if you trade with a scammer, why the community takes action against such actions, and how to prevent trading with scammers or their alternate accounts Obviously, if you determine the account is most likely ...
Tf2 zoo
by Ramen Noddle Warior
A guide for all the species of the tf2 universe. The original picture of this guide is here
Semi-Competetive Medic tutorial
by trololoman56
Sometimes, when you play TF2, you wonder, "What is it like to play competitive?(Semi-Competitive in this case)" Well, if you like being Medic and want to get more better, or get some tips for competitive, then this guide is for you!...
How to Unusual
by arraysebn
In this guide I will teach you how to unusual. Thanks, and have fun with your unusuals....
Avoiding TF2 Bullies
by <X> JujuScott124
TF2 Bully problems? Read this guide. Please, no negative comments, this actually has to do with the game, any negative comments from ANYONE, or the 2 main in specific, will be deleted asap....
How to make CRIT-A-COLA!! (Manliness Guaranteed!)
by Robin the Badass Tactician
Now you can make Crit A Cola! Why? Because why the hell not? If you drink a lot a this stuff you'll get the power the smash the lights outta' any frickin' chucklehead unlucky enough to get in your way! An' hell, if ya ever run out, we even got a little...
Suppressing Fire: Understanding the Scorch Shot, and How It Defines the Pyro's Strengths
I used to hate the Scorch Shot - for over a year, I considered it to be entirely inferior to the standard Flare Gun, even beneath the Detonator and the Manmelter. HALF the impact damage, NO powerful follow-up crit/mini-crit incentive, NO teammate-assistin...
The Art Of The Fish
by _/\/\E/\/\E_ Zoidberg
A full guide on the art of the Holy Makerel (warning you do need special supplies)...
How to TF2: An Instructional Guide on How not to be a Noob
by BOX
Are you tired of being worthless scrub? Then this guide is for you!...
TF2 Sniper weapon reviews
by chrismyersphd
Hello. This guide provides breif explanations of the primary, secondary, and melee weapons of the sniper, then I rate them on a scale of one to ten. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, if you disagree with something, feel free to comment and explai...
Tips for beginners!
by ★Tekku★
This are little tips for beginer tf2 players, enjoy!...
how to be a jerk in tf2
by fenderbender 49
this will make you the most hated person to ever toch a mouse...
How to make Crit-a-Cola
by The Snazzy Spycrab®
How to make Crit-a-Cola!...
How To Make Medi-Kit Cake!
by disanim8or
In this "How To Make Tf2 Food Guide" I will show you how to make the health kit that appears once you equip the pyro vision googles! so put on your chef hat and grab your pan that you use to whack people with and LETS BEGIN!!!! P.S. THANK YOU SO...
why u should love gumball
by kyorotomi
it is 5 reasons why u should love the amazing world of gumball and tf2 fans should watch it...
Gefilte Fish Recipe
by Nav'Ice
Fuck you...
Steam Market Specific Searching Guide
by Tails Yellowfly
This is a guide telling you how to search on the Steam Market for specific details on items. (This doesn't cover induvidual items, just the item you require to search for)...
Статья / гайд по игре за пиромана.
by Spro
Здесь будут описаны возможные варианты игры на пабликах и на лобби, каве (что почти одно и то же с лобби), разбор некоторых пушек и их наиболе...
TF2: The Correct Way To Scout
by xTcR | JenTheKat [TF-M]
So, you are asking yourself."Correct way?", Heavy: "YES Correct way Baby!!!" The Way To Play Scout Is Many Ways Here's Two Ways To Play Scout Correctly, Meatshot King Scout = ScatterGun, Mad Milk, Atomiser. Gameplay:
Configs, Commands, and Settings to significantly increase your skills.
by The Mighty Santa
Hello guys. The purpose of this guide is to show you ways to make your overall gameplay MUCH better and smoother through the use of commands and setting changes in the Source Engine. I'll be talking about some of the well-known changes and some that have ...
How to create baby stew!
by ๖Sκᴅ Luig10909
So you're here probably because you're sick and want to burn babies! Well luckily I can tell you how! Step 1: Get a baby Step 2: Burn it Step 3: Eat it boom...
TF2 flops, fails, and just plain bad.
by That Random Breadfish
Overhyped, underdone, and just terrible mistakes Valve has made in TF2. In this guide I will be covering some of these dang awful fails....
by BOB
This is how to be friendly on trade servers: first step GET A SANDVICH 2 get The holiday punch third use any minigun no shotguns allowed and make sure its a sever were you can do whatever taunt you want also don't kill anyone fourth step be heavy fifth st...
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