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The Engineer Guide No. 1
by ryanoneill05
Engineers, the defence masters of TF2, able to build Sentry guns and Teleporters, in this guide i'll show you how to play Engineer properly. Make sure to favorite and rate....
Making your own hordes - A MvM Mission Making Guide
by Pluto
Mann vs. Machine is a fun-paced gamemode. What if you wanna make your own horde? No worries......
how 2 scout in counter strike: fortress
by (Ducky) Handsome Jack
so a guy named wind re aksd me 2 make anotr guide in tf2, her it iz - how 2 scout for f2ps WARNING: NOT FOR NECKBEARDS OR PREMIUMS (jk, u all suk)...
by AmitKilo
Как стрелять
by supe
Нажми правую кнопку мыши Ой, левую...
Yet Another Scam Technique
by •cC• Krampus
This is my first guide, and it is on how to prevent being scammed by this technique, as my friend, Diabolical Muffin Lord, and I have fallen to this, and while it probably isnt a new way, it certainly is a damaging one, and a sneaky one....
How to avoid hacking, phishing, and scamming.
by Internet Crab
Are you tired of "Hey my friend wants to add you. Here's a link: (Insert virus here). Well, in this guide it will teach you how to avoid that crap....
How to Spycheck: An In-Depth Guide to Finding the Ninth Class
You know how to splash fire on your teammates and to burn them if they catch, but here are some oddities regarding the system that you may not know, that may make checking for Spies that much easier....
Trading new hats to beggers.
by Davro
[ Note this is not a completely serious guide ] So you want to get the most out of that 12 year old who REALLY wants that hat you just unboxed? Well here is a guide on how to get the most out of that 12 year old so you profit and they stop begging!...
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