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How To Make Basic Chocolate Chip Cookies
by Sica Mew .
How To Be a Scout Master
by -=Δ=- InkJaguar
You suck at scout? Now you dont have to!...
The Wildlife of The Badlands: A guide to critters in TF2!
by Colt the Absolute Bastard
The Badlands of Team Fortress serve as a home for all kinds of differents types of creatures! From hostile to friendly, this guide will introduce you to some of them!...
Return To Sender: An Airblast Guide
by jersh_
Have you ever been playing soldier and unleashing hell on a pyro, when all of a sudden *whoosh* Your rocket comes right back to you and destroys you! If you are having this problem, this guide is for you. You will learn how to do what that pyro just...
Good TF2 maps
by Vallinek
This guide will talk about (in my opinion) the best of TF2 maps....
by goji
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The types of P2Ps you will encounter
by Pudis
They made a lot of "Types of F2Ps you will encounter" guides.So why not a types of P2Ps we will encounter in-game?...
MvM Gunslinger: Why its not bad nor good. Just in the middle
by ☯KouRyuu☯
The Sentry gun has always been a god among the engies loadouts, but is there a time that the humble gunslinger has a chance to prove itself and be a weapon of choice even for a wave of MvM? Note: Damn. 1000 views? that's alot from this humble guide. N...
MvM: a guide for Advanced Missions
by Vallinek
This guide's goal is to give out general tips for every Advanced mission in Mann VS Machine....
TF2 - The Types of Noobs you will Encounter
by Critticalt
Ever since the Meet The Medic Update in Summer of 2011, the game Team Fortress 2 has gone Free-To-Play. And ever since then, people who have not payed for the game have been given the most common label: F2P. To most people, this means "Noob", "Bad", or "G...