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How To: Clear a Full Server
by Body Prick
If you've ever wanted a friend to join you in a server but said server was full, this guide will help you significantly....
Configure your TF2
by -=|Markus|=-
All you have to know about scripting, bindings, crosshairs, configs, huds, tweaking, set-ups, how to: get more fps, record-capture videos......
How to change class
by Mellow Mike
How to change class in TF2...
Tagging Steam Community Screenshots
by Savv
Manually tag your friends and favorite workshop submissions in screenshots from any game and fix erroneous tags....
[Tool] ItemToast 1.3.1 : Easily repack your workshop models to create item replacements!
by BANG!
This is a guide to using the ItemToast tool, created for Workshop Contributors and modders who want to easily repack their workshop items or other mods as another model/skin or multiple models replacements. The tool will assist making extremely easy an...
Deinol's guide for TF2 item creation [Workshop]
by Deinol
Guide to learn how to make items for TF2 workshop, for do this, you need to know how to model 3D (In Blender, 3DSMax, Maya, C4D…) objects and use a graphic editor software (Photoshop, GIMP…). We have to install Source SDK, run it for first time and re...
Guide to the End of the Line Update
by Kim Jong Cena
A guide to the End of the Line update....
Sniper's Great Adventure!
by Kim Jong Cena
Sniper's adventures in the world!...
Items: Item Qualities
by disi
Hello and welcome to my guide, this is just for people who don't know or understand all the qualities and their values... lets get cracking shall we??? I don't own any of the images....
Обновление Love & War - подробное руководство [RUS]
by Disquse [R.B.]
Это руководство расскажет Вам о всем что добавили в обновлении Love & War. ...
Uncrating the Mann Co. Strongbox #81 Crates
by Jimo
I will give you insight into the Mann Co. Strongbox Series #81 crates. I will give you information about how to obtain them and what you can expect to find within....
Maya Script for Fast Flex Animation Copying
by GoLDeN
This guide's dedication is to present to you my script, that i have wrote for Maya. That script is supposed to sae you from unnecessary repetitive actions, that you need to perform during transfer of flex animations from TF2 character to your Item...
How to create promotional images for your item
by DDS
The complete guide to making a simple promotional image for your item in Source Filmmaker...
How to be a Badass
by Darqfalls
Have you ever wanted to be a badass but your squishy little arms couldn't handle it? Well, I'm gonna teach you how to do it in a video game!...
How to not be a complete idiot: A guide on how to TF2
by .minty
Hello there, this is a guide on basic manners in TF2 that might shock, surprise and even (not at all, in any way of the things mentioned) bedazzle you. It'll show you how to put the "Team" in Team Fortress 2....
The Dank Store: A Trading Service
The Dank Store Find, sell, request, and price check custom items as well as learn more about trading and other helpful tools that can ALL be easily accessed while in-game. The Dank Store is ...
Dealing with phishers. Updated 3/15
by Hasta La Vista
I have noticed there is lot of phishing bot these days, I have encountered 30 phisher in few months. (Why they like me so much? :/)...
Commenting on the Workshop -- Helping You Help Us
by zach L
A guide to the etiquette of commenting and rating on the workshop based on submitter preferences....
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