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by KawaiiChao
Wanna make some money in TF2? REAL money? Then READ ME! Here, I will teach you the ways of "buy low and sell high". Keep in mind this method doesn't get you quick cash, its a monthly process. I guarantee the rewards will be worth it though!...
Mannpower Mode And Smissmas Update Guide!
by KawaiiChao
Does this new update confuse you? Need help understanding the new gamemode and new weapons? READ ME! I can teach you the ways of Mannpower!...
My suggestion for the "new" market
by Dr. Zenkho™
Here I want to talk about my suggestions about the market....
How To Be Awesome!
by Vortex
Introduction In this guide i will teach you on how to be awesome! Can we pls get a rating for this guide! Step 1 Have Steam, read this guide and be lagless. Step 2 Have all the gaming equipment and no laptop! Ste...
Valve. You F*cked up.
Letter to Valve....
Valve, please fix Team Fortress 2 :/
by Festive Craazy
Alright, by now I know all players know how screwed team fortress 2 is, but I feel this is more a message to VALVe itself. We look at TF2 history like this. Refined metal used to be approx. 33 cents USD. Keys; 2.33 refined metal. Earbuds; 18-20 keys. ...
How to make chocolate cake
by FattyFatty2by4
In this guide, you will learn how to make a basic chocolate cake....
What is the Pyro?
by The Sideshow in Charge of War
I will show what the pyro is, which is a way you've never looked before...
how 2 play australian long shoot man
by bumbletwat
a guide 2 play as australian longshoot man + pro strategeez...
How to get a free unusual
by Mr.Coolman
Helloh today im going to show you. How to get a free unusual !!! ...
The Guide to Smissmas
by Spooky Redneck
You're not getting your fucking stockings, get over it....
how 2 shoot gun
by Christmas Kirby
what do i type here...
How to get free TF2 items, CS:GO, DOTA 2 Items and Steam Games!
by Chosen One
The key is down there. Feel free to comment. If you need help, you may comment down the issue. I'll get to you soon. Now, this is some long guide, it is going to take a bit in reading this, once you have a full understanding, you will be able to get the...
The Great Depression of TF2, What, and Why
by The Sideshow in Charge of War
I will explain some of my theories, I'm asking you to support them, I just want to spend some light....
34R R4P3
by jansre16
The tutorial video might be a bit too quiet so make sure to turn your volume all the way up....
TF2 spreadsheet scandal
by That's right.
What? You have not heard about the tf2 spreadsheet scandal yet? Well, do not worry! In here, you will find some basic information on what went down and how it changed the look on trading in general. If you're an average trader, you really should become a...
[RUS], Как сделать полноцветный Идейный Уклонист и Значки
by |fTt| Klinok101
В игре существуют несколько предметов на которые могут быть нанесены наклейки, пользовательские картинки. Наносятся наклейки с помощью ин...
Tf2 All-class Fashion! [Under Construction]
by Gent
This guide, (so far) is gonna be shit-filled with good looking "item sets" that, well, look good. Fucking read it. Bye. Luv u scrubs!...
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