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TF2 and Personality disorders
by choons
A fact filled guide on how TF2 has evolved into a community hub for several fandoms....
How To Be A Tryhard
by Professor Jeff Stein
1. Equip your 420YoloNoScopingSnipahO'Doom 2.Kill a congaer 3.Kill a spycrab 4. Get killed by another tryhard and them call them a tryhard 5. Equip your 420SwegHacksO'Hacker 6. Get banned 7. Report the server for having corrupt admins ...
How to not catch Ebola
by Batjack
This is a professional guide on how to NOT catch Ebola. By following this you will most likely not be bleeding from every orafice by christmas. Enjoy!...
How to be Heavy and like it.
by ◆Gray◆
1. Call medic constantly. 2. Have medic heal you. 3. Hold down M1. 4. Shoot them low-lives....
how to get free keys
you save up or buy it from the store...
How to Pronounce ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2
by BRB
I bet you don't know how to pronounce, so you tried looking for guide in TF2 guides- good idea. But you also need to LEARN everything about face that will fix all your problems and make you feel better. Your life will be full of joy and happines. Trust me...
by SP00KY (Hentai FTW) SENPAI
[RUS] Исправление пользовательского интерфейса в Team Fortress 2
by |fTt| Klinok101
How to get free TF2 Items and steam games
by Earthbound101
The key is down there. Feel free to comment. If you need help, you may add me. Now, this is some long guide, it is going to take a bit in reading this, once you have a full understanding, you will be able to get the concept. Happy Reading! ^_^...
Face Flexes For The TF2 Workshop - Resources + 3dsmax Tutorial
by Spooky Mickyan
A guide containing everything you need to properly creating a flexed item for the tf2 workshop. Originally meant for 3dsmax but users of other modelling programs will find the resource pack quite useful....
Fashion soldier
by <=[TVT]=> ๖MANDUSส Tartv$
so...this is the Fashion soldier,where you can find every cool set for your soldier,i have started with some custom sets,(this guide will be updated any free time for each 10 sets) oh and i wanted to add a song of the week in case you want hear somethi...
В этом руководстве ничего нет листай дальше
by Snoopy [R.B.]
Листай дальше тебе говорят...
Jiggleboned Flying Pets Tutorial
by heinous
A method of using jigglebones to create lifelike flight animations in a Team Fortress 2 Gold Star Certified Workshop submission by bypass the need of using a separate animation file. Basic skills in modeling is required. Picture intensive....
Dealing with phishers. Updated 3/15
by Boxman
I have noticed there is lot of phishing bot these days, I have encountered 30 phisher in few months. (Why they like me so much? :/)...
How 2 headshoot
by Medic Who
This guide will help you quickscope like you're in FaZe....
Contributing Screenshots, Artwork and Videos to the Steam Community
by Jimo
I will give you instructions on how you can contribute your own screenshots, artwork and videos for your favorite games to the Steam Community....
how to make an orange mocha frappachino
by Legit Booty Warrior
need to sort through some important issues but dont have the means or money or reality to get one of these babyies? let me teach you........
Facial Flexes Tutorial for Blender, 3ds Max and Maya - TF2 import tools compatibility
by Spooky Da Wise
This tutorial will help you making items with facial flexes compatible with the TF2 import tools....
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