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Contributing Screenshots, Artwork and Videos to the Steam Community
by Jimo
I will give you instructions on how you can contribute your own screenshots, artwork and videos for your favorite games to the Steam Community....
[Tool] TFMV v1.2.9 - Easily preview TF2 loadouts, take screenshots, test paints, create backpack icons, item clipping..
by BANG!
This tutorial shows you how to use TFMV, a tool created to make it easier to load items and attach them to a TF2 character in HLMV (model viewer) and more....
Uncrating the 2013 Smissmas Crates
by Jimo
I will give you insight on the 2013 Smissmas Crates. I will give you information about how to obtain them and what you can expect to find within....
A Guide to Every Custom-Gamemode in Team Fortress 2
by Dom
A guide to every custom-gamemode server found in Team Fortress 2. All divided up into smaller guides for ease-of-use....
The Importance of Concept Art
by Gigazelle
Do you have an awesome idea that you're just itching to get into TF2, but lack the knowledge of 3D modeling, texturing, and/or how the Source Engine works? If so, this guide is exactly for you!...
Uncrating the 2013 Summer Cooler Crates
by Jimo
I will give you insight into the 2013 Summer Cooler Crates. I will give you information about how to obtain them and what you can expect to find within each colored crate....
Fashion Engineer
by Hyper
Hello everyone who is reading this. You might be thinking what the hell is this?!?! Well of course if you read the title it's about Fashion for the engineer, one of the least respected classes in tf2. (Probably because of all the fun and trolling weapon...
Create Steam Background showcases
by Wolfenstian
A step by step guide into transferring your current Steam background into a showcase to show its full glory....
Hey look at me! Look at me!: An item guide for The Scout
by Lunar Scythe
A look at the speediest bad-boy to ever grace the badlands, regarding Hats, Miscs, and how to wear them!...
Straight Outta Control Point! - A scout guide
by Shadzii :3
This is a scout guide for un-"enlightened" scouts, usable in Pub/Competitive (lobby etc.) NOTE: - Some of the tricks are community made, and I don't take credit for anything in this guide (except writing it). - All of the phrases,quotes,videos are not ...
new steam virus
by | F-O-P | unitgaming | U-G-O-G|
a new virus ocured on steam. if you dont know this will help you know. if you do know make your friends allert. this is made to make YOU AND OTHERS allert of it....
Fashion Scout
by G_lad
Hey there, good looking! This guide is about our fabulous scout and stuff he can wear. Why should you see this guide? Just so. The guide is similar to: Fashion Engineer by S...
Facial Flexes Tutorial for Blender, 3ds Max and Maya - TF2 import tools compatibility
by Napy Da Wise
This tutorial will help you making items with facial flexes compatible with the TF2 import tools....
How to change class
How to change class in TF2...
[Tool] ItemToast 1.3.1 : Easily repack your workshop models to create item replacements!
by BANG!
This is a guide to using the ItemToast tool, created for Workshop Contributors and modders who want to easily repack their workshop items or other mods as another model/skin or multiple models replacements. The tool will assist making extremely easy an...
Items: Item Qualities
by Bane
Hello and welcome to my guide, this is just for people who don't know or understand all the qualities and their values... lets get cracking shall we??? I don't own any of the images....
Обновление Love & War - подробное руководство [RUS]
by Disquse [R.B.]
Это руководство расскажет Вам о всем что добавили в обновлении Love & War. ...
Uncrating the Mann Co. Strongbox #81 Crates
by Jimo
I will give you insight into the Mann Co. Strongbox Series #81 crates. I will give you information about how to obtain them and what you can expect to find within....
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